Pro-life student group wins settlement after professor tries to kick away chalk messages

A California professor who is seen on video trying to censor pro-life students drawing with sidewalk chalk has been ordered to undergo First Amendment training and pay $17,000 as a result of a district court settlement.

Fresno State University public health professor Dr. Gregory Thatcher recruited students from his class to help deface the Fresno State Students for Life sidewalk chalk.

Thatcher allegedly harassed and intimidated the group, accusing them of chalking outside the free speech zone on campus — which hadn’t existed at the school since 2015.

  • Martin B

    What part of Fresno STATE University does this idiot quack not understand? A state university campus is not his private no-free-speech zone.

  • The “prof” needs some re-education.

    The students need to learn how to hold (horizontal) a cell phone when shooting video.

  • simus1

    Ship him to San Diego. He can teach sidewalk disinfecting to the jaundice carrier skinbags/crackheads.

  • Training?


    This “re-education” thing is wrong and unnecessary. If he is a total pantload now, he will fake sincerity after this “re-education” and be a pantload in another way.

    The fine is sufficient.

    • Ed

      Totally agree. Firing him would give him much time to do his own “re-education.”

    • WalterBannon

      he needs to be beaten with a baseball bat

  • A Hamilton Guy

    He just needs a good punch in the mouth. He’ll back off.