‘Predatory’ Syrian refugee launched sickening sex attacks on six women after he was ‘fast-tracked’ into Britain

Hasan Alkhabbaz – Serial Sex Pest imitated Hollywood idols

A Syrian refugee who carried out a series of sex attacks a month after he and his family were given special ‘fast track’ asylum has been jailed for 16 months.

Weeks after his arrival in Britain, Hasan Alkhabbaz groped six women as they made their way through the Joe Strummer Subway in Paddington, central London.

The 22-year-old lurked in the underpass before pouncing on his terrified victims between 14 November last year and 3 March.

  • Editor

    OK, but he’ll get really shitty free NHS service and a really small free house. So there!

  • simus1

    Presumably this was on his way to and from his English and orientation special classes following advice from his classmates? If he was already attending a regular primary school he would have no need to bother these older women.

  • tom_billesley

    Hew was stopped from departing the UK for Egypt, so that he could be given a paltry sentence. That was dumb.

  • Watchman

    16 months gaol?
    He’ll serve only half of that, minus any time already spent in gaol.

    Certainly looks like he is being ‘fast tracked’ out of prison with roughly 40 days actually served for each woman he sexually assaulted. Seems like they stopped him from self-deporting too, with his obtaining a Syrian passport six days after being told he was not allowed to leave Britain, and then attempting to use this passport to leave Britain.

    What’s the bet that after he is released the British authorities will neglect to deport him, or activist lawyers will litigate to prevent him being deported on the grounds that he suffered PTSD? No account to be taken of the six cases of trauma and PTSD that he personally caused to the females he sexually assaulted.

    • Lightstream

      I’m fairly positive they’ll forget to deport him. The Canadian govt. would forget, I sure.