Muslim child rape gangs the real victims claim Birmingham Mohammedans

Birmingham Muslims Say British Society ‘Encourages’ Abusers

Pakistani Muslims in Birmingham have told ITV News their community is not to blame for the child sex grooming epidemic, saying the crimes are caused by conditions in British society.

“It is our responsibility? It is not!” declares one man, clearly indignant.

“The crimes are committed in this country; these grooming crimes are not committed in Pakistan. They are committed in this society, and it is the conditions of this society that are encouraging people to commit crimes like that,” he asserts confidently.

  • Tooth&Claw

    Their locus of control is always external. Therefore they blame circumstances outside themselves for their situation.
    It appears that followers of Mo, do not and will not take personal responsibility for their actions, because there is always something or someone they can point to that is at fault, but, it’s never their choices or actions.

    • PaulW

      And presumably then, they can never take personal credit for positive things that they accomplish, never feel pride in their work, for instance. It’s all “inshallah”. Crappy way to live, to say the least.

      • Watchman

        No, they shouldn’t be taking credit for positive things, thus the handy saying useful in many different circumstances, both good or bad: “Inshallah” (‘as Allah wills it to be’). It’s a declaration of fatalism, responsible for the non-wearing of seat belts, or the unaimed shooting of guns at the enemy. If Allah wishes you to die, you will. If Allah wishes your bullet to strike your enemy, they will. To suggest otherwise is to put limits on Allah and thus would be apostasy.

      • When viewed as a whole, Islamic theology, creates social dysfunction.

        Raping non-Muslims or, battering Muslims involved in “illegal” sex, is Islamic theology in practice.

        Islamic theology is toxic.

  • tom_billesley

    It’s the fault of Britons for allowing them into the country. There’s an obvious solution.

    • Watchman

      In Pakistan. here is how the locals deal with the problem:
      1) Women are not allowed to travel to risky places without an adequate male escort
      2) Women are generally kept from the gaze of men so these men are not tempted
      3) The penalty for sex is death for someone who has sex with a married adult, or 100 strokes of a whip for for each participant if the person is unmarried.
      4) Any illicit sex between male and female might trigger a clan war, with the participants both killed by their respective clans in order to prevent the shame necessitating a feud that might last generations.
      5) Four muslim eyewitnesses are needed to attest to the sexual act or the accused can confess to meet the standard of proof. If the accused is muslim, none of the eyewitnesses can be non-muslim.

      As you can see from the list of conditions above the punishment can be very severe, but it can also be very hard to obtain a conviction in the absence of confession of the accused. The severity of the punishment is likely to be a deterrent to unmarried sex (including rape) in Pakistan, and so the accused seems to be saying that the relatively minor penalties imposed by Britain is no deterrent compared to Pakistan where you might be killed by the state or killed by your own family to avoid a lengthy murderous feud developing.

      • tom_billesley

        Self-restraint is an alien concept.

        • terrence22

          and it is ISLAMOPHOBIC

          • Watchman

            Yes, especially when the Qur’an permits nonconsensual sex (a.k.a. rape) with women ‘whom your right hand possesses’, also known as slaves or women captured in war. Britain, not being under the control of muslims and not being under Shari’a Law is considered to be a ‘Dar al-Harb’ (House of War). So a devout muslim will probably consider any infidel woman that falls into his control in the war against those preventing the imposition of Shari’a Law to be a legitimate captive of war. Therefore he would believe that it is quite acceptable to have sex with any non-muslim woman that falls under his control.

  • moraywatson

    The supremacist adherents of totalitarian-islam are the ‘best of people’.

    • tom_billesley

      So we are told, and it’s why we are so disappointed by their behaviour.

  • Malcolm Y

    I urge the English people to rise up, armed, and excise this mohammedan tumor with extreme prejudice.

  • Lightstream

    I wonder when the population will stand up and demand these assholes be deported?!
    I guess never.