‘Hitler wasn’t the bad guy’: Labour faces new anti-Semitism storm after Muslim member posts vile Facebook rants

Nasreen Khan – Devout Muslim, Hitler Lover

The Labour Party is embroiled in another anti-Semitism row after a mother who questioned Hitler’s reputation was shortlisted to fight a council seat.

Nasreen Khan, a former member of George Galloway’s Respect Party, made offensive remarks about Jews on Facebook five years ago.

She said Jews ‘have reaped the rewards of playing victims’ and that there were ‘worse people than Hitler in this world’.

  • mobuyus

    Just a muslim shithead being a muslim shithead. She can suck whatever is left of hitler’s old rotting cock as far as I’m concerned, and if there is nothing left of that then a fair piece of dog shit will do for this vile creepy muslim.

  • marty_p
  • PaulW

    I think it’s good – in a way – that the extent of Labour’s anti-Semitism, and particularly that of its muslim members, is coming out, rather than that it remained hidden. Maybe, just maybe, enough people who still can think and who still have some integrity will be alarmed and disgusted by this. And reject Labour (and, by extension, mass muslim immigration).

    • deplorabledave

      I’m afraid I don’t share your justifiably wavering hope that, “enough people who still can think and who still have some integrity will be alarmed and disgusted by this.” What type of person of integrity would abide by having Jeremy Corbyn as their leader. What type of person of integrity would vote for hillary Clinton. IMHO supporting either of these vile creatures is the very antithesis of integrity.

      • The problem is that Britain is filling up with people who agree with her.

  • Killer Marmot

    She looks like a nice lady. I’m sure her words were taken out of context.

    • DaninVan

      Lock her in a room with Harv… 😉

  • Waffle

    If you take a minute to think about it, nobody should be surprised by the Muslim involvement (and ensuing antisemitism) in the British Labour party or any other political party in the West. They are using our democratic institutions against us and mocking us as they do so If you’re still thinking about it, consider the Muslim infiltration of all political parties here in Canada. Has antisemitism ever been so rampant?

    • Watchman

      Two reasons:
      1) Intersectionality alliance; the left and muslims both want to see the capitalist Western Civilisation fall, but for different reasons. The Lefts are unlikely to be aware of what happened in Iran during the revolution of 1979. There islamists and leftists joined forces to bring down the Shah, and the leftist thought they would share power with the islamists but the islamists jailed or murdered all of the prominent leftists.
      2) There are more muslims than Jews and therefore the traditional Jew-hatred can bubble to the surface since the Labour Party would prefer to pander to the more numerous muslim voters instead of the less numerous Jewish voters. In addition, the muslims tend to bloc vote, unlike the Jews, making the job of rounding up votes for the Labour Party much easier and more efficient.

  • That’s the Labour party for you.

  • ismiselemeas

    There’s only one reason why she was nominated; the majority of voters in the seat share the same values and opinions so she has a good chance of winning.

  • Mark Matis

    Well there ARE worse people than Hitler in this world. Stalin was one. So was Mao. Pol Pot was a piker, but only because he did not have the resources of the others.

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    Is she one of those Muslims that basically says: “the holocaust never happened, but we need to finish the job.”
    I don’t think I want them living in my town.

    • UCSPanther

      Basically fluctuating between “The Holocaust never happened!” and “Six million more!”

      Encountering those two types of views is the main reason why I say Holocaust Denial is a type of doublethink…