Dissatisfied Syrian Refugees Had ‘Unrealistically High’ Expectations of NHS, House Sizes in Britain

More than 8,500 Syrians have been brought to Britain under a programme launched in 2015, when the Middle Eastern nation was being ravaged by civil war, which will see 20,000 brought over in total by 2020.

While the study reported that the scheme is working “relatively well”, it found that some refugees arrived with “unrealistic expectations” of treatments available, and that “many are overwhelmed” by the NHS and its “complex referral rules and waiting lists”.

  • Editor

    You mean like any other British citizen? Boo hoo!

  • tom_billesley

    What does Britain not get about the “muslim first” ethos?

  • mobuyus

    House the shitheads in coffins.

  • That’s because they aren’t “refugees”. Genuine refugees are happy to live in a broom closet if necessary and eat beans and rice everyday, so long as they are safe and secure from the nightmare they are escaping. They are willing to start from the bottom, take a shitty-paying job, and slowly build. And they usually end up a success story. In fact many of us who come from immigrant backgrounds already know that’s precisely how it occurred with our parents or grandparents. And we never heard them whine about it.

  • Dave

    Hey syrians, the war is almost over. Go home and start the cleanup. You’re gonna be busy. Too busy to stir up any trouble.