They never do this with Mohammed…

Italian Street Artist Charged With Blasphemy for Jesus Poster

  • Watchman

    That wasn’t Jesus, that was a Hollywood producer auditioning a hopeful boy actor.

    • Frances

      “Artist” projecting his own fantasies onto Jesus? Though I do think criticism of the Catholic church’s seeming tolerance of pedophile priests (though they should probably more properly be called ephebole priests) is warranted.

      Remember when an RC priest was “outed” as having gone after teen-aged boys. One friend, who knew him only as their parish priest, was devastated. Another, somewhat older, was not surprised. Brother had attended the local Catholic boys’ school when this priest taught there; the boys had it figured out and warned each other about him.

      • PaulW

        There are good priests and bad. I served as an altar boy for over ten years, with maybe a dozen different priests – never got a whiff of anything off, and I was alone with some of them on any number of occasions. Our dear departed assistant pastor (who was in charge of altar boys for the longest time) loved nothing more than fishing and his beloved Cincinnati Reds, God bless him ….

        • Frances

          Sadly, your story is not often heard; the vast majority of priests who honoured their calling and would never dream of abusing the young are not even mentioned.

          Back in the day, was the somewhat secretary for spouse’s church (RC). Really respected the priest, Father Smith,and did whatever I could to help him. Well remember one occasion when I was sorting out the parish statistics and he suddenly turned on me and said that our children weren’t baptised. Mentioned I was Anglican and said children were baptised Anglican as they could then have both Catholic and Protestant godparents. That ended conversation. Sadly, cancer overcame him, and he staggered through the last months I worked at the parish. I remember at one point expressing serious concern about his health, to the effect of “if you were my father, I’d be getting you to the doctor”. I have come to realize, in retrospect, that this very private man already knew his destiny. But I still remember Fr Smith.

  • simus1

    Dr Freud would have had little difficulty arriving at his diagnosis for this artist’s “problem”.

    • Watchman

      Too many cigars in the pocket so they stick out at an odd angle?

      • simus1

        “Wurst kayz uph browyetchin ewr I haff sien. Ja.”

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    Jesus raised a nine year old girl from the dead. Muhammad had sex with one.

    • Heh;)

    • Barrington Minge

      In reality, Mo probably couldn’t get it up anyway, so decided to take it out on the human race.

  • Charging him with blasphemy is the wrong way to go, imo. The fact is whether the male adult figure depicted is Jesus, or anybody else, it’s advertising homosexual pedophilia. It’s more than despicable and an attack on Christians — it’s illegal on the pedophilia basis alone. No child should be exposed to that.

  • vwVwwVwv

    But it looks very much as Mohammad, can someone paint a turban on his head?

  • xavier

    Wow. These creeps just hate goodness, beauty and the truth.
    I concour with ricardojaime that the artist should be charged with apology of pedophilia or distributing child porn. Time to use the weaponized human right laws to go after the artist. Give him/her a taste of that medicine
    The Church stupidly followed the psychology and psychiatric consensus about epheboles and pedophile. Frankly the Church leaders should’ve been much more skeptical and stuck with its own moral theology. If the Church had followed its own wisdom and moral theology none of those men would’ve ever been allowed in or very very few. In any case, the policies in places have radically reduced and hopefully with time, no more will ever be found

  • Barrington Minge

    Oh dear!!

  • Barrington Minge

    If this had been a picture of the Mo-kiddyfiddler, yer mooslims would be tearing up the town.