That was fast…

The driver, 28, who deliberately committed the attack, is known to police but was not on a security watch list.

  • JoKeR
    • Holey macaroni, it’s a medley — I smell a Broadway musical in the works.

  • Well, bollards oughta fix that problem, and France can finally sleep easy at night. The only thing that worries me is that somebody will put a CAUTION! sticker on it saying: “Islamic Schizophrenic Bollard”. (sorry, don’t know how to say that in French)

  • Hard Little Machine

    Don’t shoot or even jail the offenders. Crush their arms and legs with hammers and blind them with acid.

    • bob e

      not harsh enough ..

      • Bataviawillem

        Wood chipper, feet first?

  • bob e

    we got no name of driver yet .. hhmmm ..

    • JoKeR

      John Doe? 🙂

    • Watchman

      Suspicious phrases:
      “deliberately committed the attack”, so not just an accident,
      “known to police”, so either a criminal, mentally ill, or jihadist
      “not on a security watch list”, possibly because you can’t have every devout muslim on the security watch list for manageability reasons,
      “known to suffer from a psychiatric disorder”, what devout muslim jihadist does not?
      “no history of terrorism”, so far, but the very act of mentioning the word ‘terrorism’ implies that now the perpetrator does have a history,
      “hearing voices telling him to hurt someone”, and were these voices sounding like the muslim prophet Muhammad?
      “unnamed driver”, because a name including the word “Mohammed” might be a complete giveaway to motive and reason for the attack. It might be because of the EU’s privacy laws but I suspect the name being publicised is the real giveaway to Why?