Swedish radio station hijacked to play Isis recruitment song

A Swedish radio station played an Isis propaganda tune after its frequency was hijacked by a pirate transmitter.

Malmö residents who tuned into popular radio station Mix Megapol at around 8.30am on Friday suddenly found themselves listening to Isis recruitment song ‘For the sake of Allah’.

  • NotNewsToMe

    I don’t get it… What’s wrong with this? This should be “normal” by now, yes? Sweden IS (pun intended) being Islam-a-sized, yes? Where’s the “news” in this? Not new to me.

  • JoKeR
  • Hard Little Machine

    Rock The Casbah !!

  • What can you say? These people are smart — they picked up an old transmitter somewhere. Something freedom-loving people in the West should consider doing to prepare for when the boot comes down on free speech, internet censorship, etc. Although the Islamists use it for evil, lessons under Communism have demonstrated that underground radio can be a lifesaver — often the only means of communication for dissidents. Underground printing press, another option. We shouldn’t depend on the internet.

    But the West is asleep. Maybe the Trump counter-revolution will succeed, maybe it won’t. We should be prepared for either scenario — I’ve always considered Trump a window of opportunity, but a window that can close as quickly and easily as it was opened. The Left is intent on finding a way to impeach him come hell or high water. As far as the net, the only option may be onion circuits in the future because nobody knows how to set up direct modem connections anymore, and landlines are going the way of the dinosaur.

    Jus’ sayin’.

    (btw Trump is doing fabulous on the freedom front, and we may never have to resort to these methods. But the left is seething — if they come back to power in the U.S. even once in this generation, they will move fast and furious. Many innocent people will go to jail — it will be the end. Again, jus’ sayin’)

    • k2

      I fear you’re probably right about progressives (Dems) in the States: they’ve had the shite scared out of them and if they ever (as you say, even within a generation – 20 years) get their hands on the reins of power again … they will not let go (without force being used against them, anyway).

  • Norman_In_New_York