Nine-year-old boy who stood up in class and declared allegiance to Isis among thousands of children referred to Prevent programme

A nine-year-old boy who stood up in class to declare his support for Isis is among thousands of children referred to the Government’s counter-extremism programme.

The majority were flagged to Prevent because of concerns over potential Islamist views but the number attracted to the extreme far-right is growing.

Of the total 7,631 people referred to Prevent in the 2015/16 financial year, 65 per cent (4,997) were suspected of Islamist extremism and 10 per cent (759) of right-wing extremism.

  • simus1

    “the indie and the gardie”, hopefully they will go together.
    Like two drowning swimmers in a total panic.

  • JoKeR

    But at least he was given a free membership to the Labour Party!

  • Barrington Minge

    Maybe the “Prevent” Programme needs updating to a double tap with a .45cal

  • Gary

    I’m waiting for a Liberal to finally make the connection that the qurans used to de-radicalize ex-ISIS members or radicalize youths from radical mosques in the UK is the same quran that radicalize them .

    It’s the quran stupid !
    It takes a Village-idiot to raise a child in a Madrassa.

  • WildWelshWoman

    If you think the Islamic State is dangerous right now, just imagine what it will be like in another decade or so. All those Caliphate Cubs will then be fully-fledged psychopaths.

  • I’m sure this kid will be set right in no time.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Should just lop his head off with a sword right there.