Liberal Sites Turn on Jon Stewart, Other ‘Enablers’ of Admitted Harasser Louis C.K.

Now that comedian Louis C.K. has admitted to egregious sexual harassment, like pulling out his sex organ and masturbating in front of women, it might be worth remembering that this man has some powerful fans and promoters, starting with Jon Stewart, who called him “one of my all-time favorite comedians.”

  • mobuyus

    These leftists are about as funny as finding a lump in your fart.

  • kkruger71

    Going to be consistent here and take issue with a large part of the article. The second half condemns the people that continued to have him on their shows or work on projects despite the allegations being out there. Sorry, but if we’re talking about a point where no-one had gone to police or filed any charges or anything like that then I want the person accused to still be able to work. Just because we dislike someone because of their politics (CK or Stewart or anyone else in the article) I hate that some on the right are jumping on the tar and feather bandwagon. I realize that CK has now admitted what he did, but the article is talking about before that when it was nothing but rumors and condemning people for not hurting someone professionally based on simple allegations that were not being followed up on legally.

    • A valid point.

      • David Murrell

        I agree with where kkruger is coming from, but still the Hollywood left-wing culture has it coming to them. Hollywood culture has become a rotten monopoly, where only left-wing ideas are allowed to prevail, and where moral rot is everywhere — with sex, drugs and so forth. The monopolization of ideas and social mores led to this rot, so now that the cat is out of the bag I say let Hollywood suffer.

        And Jon Stewart is an insufferable leftie, so I hope he gets criticized for this.

        • kkruger71

          The potential plus side to this is if it keeps going and becomes a complete witchhunt where a bunch that are innocent of wrong-doing get swept up in this and it causes Hollywood to fight against it and take more of an “innocent until proven guilty” attitude. Sadly I don’t see it happening and they’ll allow some innocent peolpe to get thrown under the bus.

    • With the left, accusation is final judgement.

  • How embarrassing for them.

  • xavier

    Sin males you stupid

  • Hard Little Machine

    Now that NJ has another Goldman Sachs liberal Democrat governor I can see Jon getting Menendez’ Senate seat.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Stewart is famous for saying nothing about Weiner.

  • ntt1

    I’m sure the arrogant twat knew all about it . it was an open secret. but then again a self satisfied pudding like Stewart is more than likely to have his own “open secrets”