Kristallnacht 79 Years Ago; The Democratic Party Today?

In recent years, the Democratic Party here in the United States has become the anti-Semitic party.  Thankfully they aren’t anywhere near the Antisemitism of 1938 Germany, not even on the same planet. But left unchecked who knows what may happen.

  • Yo Mama

    I thot that wuz the Lieberal party wit all der islamist ministers an Trudoh da convert who sez da shahada to Moohammud!

  • Very good article, encapsulates the process leading to the Holocaust. Short pictorial video at the end is an eye-opener.

    Material like this should be mandatory in every Secondary School in the West, and for deeper analysis also should be offered in every University. “Never Again” can only occur if our youth and future generations are informed about what it is we mean by that.

  • WalterBannon

    Thankfully they aren’t anywhere near the Antisemitism of 1938 Germany, for that you have to look at Britain’s Labour party and the BBC.

    • See next post! 😉

    • “…aren’t anywhere near the Antisemitism of 1938 Germany…”

      Although, taking into account that 1938 was preceded by five years of anti-Semitic mass propaganda starting in 1933 when the National Socialists came to power. Maybe we’re not yet in 1938, but I think were are at least in 1933 — metaphorically speaking. And the people leading the charge today are not “National Socialists”, but they are International Socialists — communists, Marxists, progressives, globalists, etc. — the only real surviving versions of socialism today of any significance. And in the West it currently enjoys the support of probably 50% of a very ill-informed and historically ignorant population.

      The target as always is the Jewish people, but much broader than that today — it now includes people who are “Jewish friendly”, such as conservatives, Christians, libertarians, and others — pretty much anyone who embraces the idea of God-given liberty or natural rights. Because no dictatorship — of any brand — can be established if these liberties and rights are foundational to its existence.

      Add to that the threat of contemporary Islamism and the Global Jihad, which the Socialists hope to co-opt for their own fascistic purposes, and I think we get a pretty good picture of where we are at today.

      (phew! sorry for the long comment but I’m fired up this morning 🙂 )

    • marty_p

      And Canada’s Liberal and NDP parties.

  • Linda1000
  • I would say the events of today and then are little similar, yes.