Is Hollywood Support Now a Liability for Democrats?

Hollywood has long been a safe and secure stronghold for Democrats. It was where they could safely raise a great deal of money while still pretending to care about the little guy. After all, these aren’t your typical rich people: they make movies! That means they’re regular folks who understand the people, despite never associating with any regular folks ever.

  • andycanuck

    No, because almost none of the Republicans will push the connection. That wouldn’t be sporting, old chap.

    • Watchman

      McCain is leading the Republican charge to reveal the close collaboration between Hollywood and the Democrat Party. /sarc

  • CenterStageGod

    Riiight, a multimillionaire star has “contact” with “regular” middle-class people, suuure. How stupid are people these days? They are ENTIRELY within their own world of fake shit and satanistic worship to even bother to care about the “little people”.

    Get a grip, for real. These “people” think they’re gods of the old Egyptian era. Hence why they think they’re above everyone else, and why they get to have the “center stage” and reek in the cash. Actors ar professional lairs. Period.

  • Hard Little Machine

    No because they will continue to raise millions quietly.

  • But these people have always been perverts. What has changed other than some publicity?

  • Watchman

    Is Hollywood Support Now A Liability For Democrats?

    Nah, the public’s attention span is very short. In the long term people like Weinstein will…Squirrel!

    Oh, I just forgot. Weren’t we just talking about Kim Kardashian’s latest dress?

    • Justin St.Denis

      KK’s dress is so last year. Nowadays, it’s Melania’s shoes that get all the attention.

  • simus1

    Pretending to care about “the little nonwhite guy oppressed by the white patriarchy” should still be good stored value virtue signaling for such sleezoid hypocrites.