He chose euthanasia after acid was poured on his face. Now his ex faces a murder charge

“If I can’t have you, nobody else can.”

Those are the words prosecutors say 48-year-old Berlinah Wallace shouted before allegedly pouring corrosive sulfuric acid all over 29-year-old Mark van Dongen’s head and face in Bristol, England, reported the BBC. Now, nearly a year after the attack led to van Dongen to choose to be medically euthanized, Wallace is facing murder charges in the case. She denies intentionally splashing the man with acid, the Bristol Post reported.

The acid melted the man’s flesh, disintegrated his clothing and left him virtually blind. He became paralyzed from the neck down, reported the Guardian.

After the attack, van Dongen ran out into the street screaming for help, and when a neighbor heard the shouts and came out to help, van Dongen pointed to the open door of his apartment and said “She did it to me in there,” reported the BBC. When the neighbor walked past the door, she told the court she saw a lady talking on the phone looking “sullen and serious.”