‘Caution Islamic Terrorist Bollard!’

A vandal has left a joke sticker on an anti-terrorism bollard installed just metres from where the tragic Lindt Cafe Sydney siege took place.

The concrete slab, installed at the end of a public thoroughfare in Martin Place, was mocked by the vandal with a sticker reading: ‘Caution Islamic Terrorist Bollard!’

Bollards were installed at tourist locations and prominent landmarks across Australia earlier this year after a spate of devastating rogue vehicle terrorist attacks globally.

  • canminuteman

    It’s an accurate discription.

    • Barrington Minge

      I disagree. It should say “Muslim Terrorist Bollard”. Why split hairs?

  • Dave

    It ain’t no freakin’ joke.

  • I think it’s a good joke. Bollards and all these ridiculous security measures only deal with the symptoms, not the disease. The only thing they accomplish is inconvenience for law-abiding citizens. No terrorist is going reason, “dang, they put up bollards — now we have to abandon the Global Jihad!”

    It’s either mass deportation after reviewing and vetting of all Muslim immigrant applications since 9/11/2001, together with immediate cessation of Muslim mass immigration, or it’s nothing.

    • tom_billesley

      I’d put a terrorist inside every bollard, not just one of them.

  • Dana Garcia

    Bollards! Another symptom of immigration insanity.

  • Gary

    Muhammad wanted his followers to make the lives of non-muslims such a hell and dangerous that they would covert to his death-cult and unite for allah to kill all the gays and keep blacks in slavery .

    If muhammad is the man of peace that muslims love to claim…..then explain to me
    why the same muslims boast how muhammad set outs the rules for war and how islam gives more rights to slaves than the jews and Christians gave them .
    Muhammad was supposed to bring Peace and share islam with the world for all mankind. But the quran was in classic arabic and now it is in at least 7 versions of arabic and over 20 version of the quran.

    Thanks to muslims in North America , I now need a passport to enter the USA
    while my tax dollars go to the CBC that does dawah after every Jihad slaughter by a devout muslim that has NOTHING to do with islam. The same CBC that blindly accepts a male guest on a News show that self-identifies as a women and treats them as such …… REFUSES to accept a terrorist that self-identifies as a follower of islam even when there is NO test or proof the 1.5 billion muslims are really muslims.
    Libby Davies, Svend Robinson and Premier Wynne claimed they were heterosexuals when they married an opposite sex person…..now these 3 self-identify and homosexuals which we must accept as a Charter Right and enforced by the Human Rights Commission and Labour laws for employment.
    Why does the Human Rights Commission and SCOC continue to be silent as the CBC freely gets to define what a muslim is and what islam is on top of telling muslims what the verses mean in their qurans no matter what the Imam says they mean.

    Let’s see how the CBC handles a Brown atheist illegal refugee claimant that converts to islam and claims they are a transgender where 6 months later they go Jihad at a mainly black day care centre staffed by Diversity CUPE members and they scream allah-u-akbar prior to the suicide vest exploding .
    What labels could they paste on this person to smear Trump and tie it to White supremacy and xenophobia .

    • The Islamic definition of peace is much like the Communist definition of peace. In Islam peace is achieved by conquering everyone with Islam and establishing an Islamic supremacist dictatorship. In Communism peace is achieved by conquering everyone with Communism and establishing a permanent Communist dictatorship. And yes, it really is that simple, Michael Coren.

      • Gary

        Also, when Imams or Muslim MP’s claim that the quran forbids the killing of innocent civilians…… they are correct to the muslims that hear it but the media and brain dead Liberals don’t know that allah defines innocent Civilians as non-fighting muslims caught between other muslims in a battle that is allahs will where the pure muslims win.
        All of the current 6,000,000,000 non-muslims on Earth are deemed enemies of allah and islam that they are at war with and can Convert to islam or be killed.

        According to muhamad there are NO innocent non-muslims which is why ISIS will behead babies or throw them into a raging furnace alive because allah sanctions it.
        Canadians better wake-up fast and see how that Moron PM is either complict or too stupid to see that some muslims will lie if it helps spread sharia and the caliphate.

  • DaninVan

    He/she is not a vandal; he/she is a patriot. I don’t think anyone went to that trouble as a “joke”…they’re making a political statement, and it’ll be interesting to see how quickly the ‘government’ shows up to remove them.

    • David Murrell

      I agree. And the pro-Islam government will act quickly. But this is a good underground, guerrilla protest. More people should be doing stuff like this.

  • WildWelshWoman

    The “joke” is that we need these “security measures” because of our hapless governments’ inane decision to invite these dregs of humanity and their savagery to live amongst us. What did they think was going to happen? That we’d all get along famously, despite the time difference (Western civilization living in the 21st century and Muslims still stuck in the 7th century)? Or maybe our collective, liberalized government leaders (read: idiotic, spineless goons) were so disenchanted with their own lives that they brought terrorism to our shores to liven the place up a bit.

  • John

    Rebuilding those Theodosian Walls one bollard at a time.