WaPo Thinks Fake Hate Crimes Might Energize ‘Right-Wing Commentators’

The Washington Post seems to think the real problem with fake hate crimes is that conservative media scrutinizes them too much, when in reality many hate crimes deserve such scrutiny because they are fabricated.

In a WaPo article titled “A black student wrote those racist messages that shook the Air Force Academy, school says“, reporter Samantha Schmidt covered the recent revelations that racist messages written at the Air Force Academy in Colorado were put there by a black cadet.

Schmidt then wrote, “These reports have also energized many right-wing commentators and President Trump supporters, who argue that reports about hate speech and racist graffiti are often fake accounts disseminated by liberal media.”

  • Hard Little Machine

    To say nothing of making the left look like infantile fucking retarded shitheads.

  • deplorabledave

    These clowns will write, and their editors will publish, any bullshit tripe which befogs their deranged thought processes.

  • Dana Garcia

    Yes, the plethora of fake hate crimes may indeed convince conservative persons that lefties are lying crud who strive to create the appearance of ethnic or racial hate when little exists. Plus, “hate crimes” generate “victims” that the left loves for media propagation purposes.


  • WalterBannon

    they missed an opportunity to blame the white patriarchy for compelling the oppressed minority to commit fake hate crimes because…. white racism

  • In other words they’re admitting that they’re trolling us. Except they’re not mentioning that people’s lives can be ruined if accused of a hate crime — fake or otherwise.

  • ntt1

    So what I get is that because most “hate Crimes” are actually committed on themselves by progressive hysterics or muslims, we shouldn’t hear the truth because it might energize us? yes it energizes me to want justice done to the fraudsters. equal to that of the imaginary perpetrator if caught.

  • Editor

    That’s the way the MSM works. Whenever there’s a bombing, a shooting or a truck of peace, we have to brace for the never yet seen anti-muslim backlash. From now on, whenever there’s a purported racist hoax, we’ll need to ignore the actual fake, divisive act and concentrate on the “energized right-wing commentators”. There might even be mean tweets. It’ll be horrible.