Social justice gravy train pulls into City Hall … as council loses track of its mandate

Aboriginals? Check.

Anti-black racism? Check.

Muslims? Check.

Contracting out of garbage east of Yonge St.? Scratch that.

The social justice gravy train has pulled into City Hall — under the leadership of Mayor John Tory — and it seems many, if not most, councillors are on board.

Tory is a weak kneed liberal. Boy do I miss Rob Ford, he was a better mayor on Crack than the current whiny SJW.

  • simus1

    Presumably aspirant interns who “show promise” and “bond well” will quickly be offered scholarships etc. and free memberships in the city hall branch of Junior Vote Whores In Training – Your Metro Leaders Of Tomorrow.

  • Fat shaming, mass media defamation, stalking, trespassing, death threats, criminal harassment, multiple law-fare suits to bankrupt the man, etc., non-stop for more than two years — I think I would turn to crack too. Ford was the biggest-hearted Mayor Toronto has ever seen. And they killed him.

  • “Boy do I miss Rob Ford, he was a better mayor on Crack than the current whiny SJW.” Lol.

    • Sharkibark

      Me too.

    • Editor

      Ha! It’s funny because it’s true.

    • Waffle

      He was the Ross Rebagliati of mayors!

      • Clausewitz

        That was almost Dennis Millerish in it’s obscurity. That’s why I liked it.

  • Surele Surele

    Tory, what a misnomer.

  • Liberal Progressive

    Those transphobes!

    Why is there no transgender internship program to ensure that every city councillor has at least on transgender member of staff to represent them?

  • Clausewitz
  • dukestreet

    Rob had a hard time because most councillors mostly communists and Ford expected people to take some responsibility for themselves. The vast majority of them wanted to keep the gravy train going. It’s the easiest gig for them. Toronto council was likely more responsible for rob’s death than his own lifestyle. I miss him and wish the council had been more concerned about us than they were about themselves. There is no better evidence of that than what they did to the only guy who actually went into politics for us instead of for personal benefit.

    • A Hamilton Guy

      May his soul rest in peace, and may all who persecuted him rot in hell.