Is post-modernism beating science dead at your local school board?

Good chance. While science boffins obsess about “creationism in the schools,” your local teachers’ union could be selling out to no-standards post-modernism. From Conrad Black at The National Post:

In response to falling test results, teachers’ federation proposes ending testing

The obfuscation of the teachers’ union publication continued: “Soon, a perceived crisis in Ontario education began to emerge when our students began scoring lower on mathematics standardized tests … First politicians placed the blame for these low test scores on educators.” What an outrageous act of scapegoating that was — what would deteriorating academic performance have to do with the quality and competence of teaching? “Money was poured into boosting the math proficiency of teachers … but the curriculum remained largely unchanged … Scores continued to decline. It looked like it wasn’t the educators after all.” To whom came this apparition that absolved the teachers? The answer, of course, is the teacher’s union: “Now it was the curriculum’s turn to take the blame. Throughout this period of panic over low math scores on standardized tests, some questions have simply not been asked.”

The main question was how to jimmy the system so that not learning anything doesn’t matter:

The reader then learns that “A modern educator does not base a student’s final course mark on just one test. Ongoing assessment and evaluation, based on professional judgment and knowledge of students’ needs, are integral aspects of the work that teachers and education workers undertake every day.” What imbeciles we parents and grandparents have been! We don’t need tests that merely muddy the waters and produce irritating competitiveness, and other stressful complexities for young sensibilities. We must simply have continuing assessments, many of which can be lifted from the over-burdened shoulders of teachers and entrusted to “education workers.” (The identity of these people to whom the tasks of teaching are to be downloaded evades my imagination, but I am prepared to fear the worst.) More.

Idea!: Maybe the post-modern student can get extra points for threatening to beat up a Canadian version of Bret Weinstein (social justice credit transferable to the US). Because, please, folks, this is happening everywhere, not just in Canada.

As noted earlier, elsewhere:

Modern science,  beginning in Europe in the 18th century, has been dominated by educated European men. But their dominance was not a principle of science. The principles were the laws and theorems that apply an internationally recognized thought pattern to nature. “Hidden figures” who sought and gained equality applied the same principles to the same effect.

But for post-modernists, philosopher of science Paul Feyerabend (1924–1994) provided liberation:  “Anything goes.” One outcome is that social justice activists have shifted away from helping marginalized people qualify in science toward questioning its principles, supposedly on behalf of the oppressed.

We hear that objectivity is “cultural discrimination” (or sexist), Newtonian physics is exploitative, mathematics is a “dehumanizing tool” (if not white privilege), and algebra creates hurdles for disadvantaged groups. And mavericks in science are a problem because they tend to be wealthy, white, and male.

These post-modern talking points are launched from American education faculties. It may be relevant that the United States spends far more on public education but gets far less than many developed countries. Do public educators find it convenient to focus attention on the personal attributes of current scientists and away from their own policies, practices, and performance?

Many hope that these attacks on science’s core disciplines are a passing fad. Unfortunately, when biology professors Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying were targeted by social justice mobs at Evergreen State College, the message was clear: Attacks on core science values (like just teaching science) are inevitable, not random, outcomes of post-modernism.

Just think. If post-modern science is happening where you live, you are probably funding it.

See also: Nature: Stuck with a battle it dare not fight, even for the soul of science. Excuse me guys but, as in so many looming strategic disasters, the guns are facing the wrong way (cue End of Science rent-a-riot).


Can science survive long in a post-modern world? It’s not clear.

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    They could raise the scores tomorrow if they educated the white students and the “students of color” separately, and then only test the white students for proficiency.
    Then everyone can stop acting shocked that children with a 25-point IQ deficit and limited English skills are not able to solve quadratic equations.

    • Watchman

      Companies and governments would still be required to employ poorly performing minorities under affirmative action. The biggest victims of this would be the smart and capable minority individuals who would be assumed to only be employed through affirmative action. A racist viewpoint would become entrenched everywhere instead of being limited to the current racial supremicists. Why would any minority strive if they were guaranteed places despite their efforts, and why would they strive if no matter how hard they try their efforts will be assessed as only from being a beneficiary of affirmative action?

      • Drunk by Noon ✓

        I think we are already at that point.
        The stupid and nonEnglish speaking will never do well on these tests.
        The way things are now only harms the white students by keeping them back to the level of the worst performers.

  • Watchman

    “Ongoing assessment and evaluation, based on professional judgment and knowledge of students’ needs”
    Under todays almost monopolisation of the teaching profession by Progressives, I suspect those needs have been adjudged by teachers to be “Socialism/Communism” and “Destruction of the White Capitalist Patriarchy”.

    When your world view says that any disparity between groups success is a result of the more successful group deliberately oppressing the lesser, then you will attempt to find dismantle the system when you can’t find any evidence for the disparity under your ideology.

  • Observer

    It’s time to raise the standards and to test teachers as well as to decertify the teachers unions because of their determination to undermine teaching quality.

  • Gary

    I stumbled onto a website for my High School in the early 1970’s . Not only did Diversity kill it to drop the Mean IQ about 15 points. But muslim refugees were angry that their children had to taker part in Remembrance Day and see the Cross of the crusaders that allah hated and were oppressors.
    The High school did the usual PC crap and claimed that some students were offended while parents from war torn nation did want to endorse war and the event was changed to focus of all wars and have a human looking figure represent all the backgrounds of students for the soldiers or any war.
    I expect the muslims parents to be burning Poppies outside in about 5 years at the rate Toronto is becoming a crap-hole of foreigners wanting to feel like they back home in the hell-hole they fled. The communists and progressives have been in the TDSB and classrooms since the 1990’s and now the schools are pumping out morons that use the CBC for their research to get their version of reality.

    The site is void of any History for the school because the successful students were whites and asians that will make muslims and blacks feel bad that they never make the Honours Role .
    My last check on the site was for the Diploma standards by Grade 12 . It’s now community service and languages other than French and English that get you Credits on top of attendance with a pulse that assures you at least 51% to get the grade pass and handed the Diploma as you leave and ask someone what EXIT means about the door .

    It’s not racism to be denied a job or entry to advanced Education school when your Grade 12 in Toronto today is equal to a grade 8 in the 1960’s .
    Now wonder the CBC hires morons to fill a quota and make so many errors as they struggle with English and have NO Stage diction skills……. the CBC caters to Toronto where fellow morons at the same level don’t want to get any better at communications because they don’t have to in their ghetto of ESL friends .

    I knew something was wrong back during the Vietnam refugee scam where communists blended in among the refugees and followed them here to spread their poison . Plus , when a talked to a teacher about how hard i worked to get good grades while holding down a job while the refugee student with near zero English skills was getting in the mid 80% per class with all the Exams in English……..i was told that they couldn’t hold back all the failing refugees and made the grade 9 classes swell every year with students.
    So they pushed them through with high grades and once out the door they become the problem of their community to get employment in their language .

    We can’t go much lower because i have seen Diversity workers in the Government almost get people killed or had screwed up so bad it costs millions and didn’t get fired.
    In Ontario, diverting $100,000,00 in tax dollar back home to your village for a school doesn’t even get you arrested and fired. Diverting $50 million from welfare to risk in the Stock market and lose it won’t get you arrested but transferred into a higher paying job under the Liberals and TDSB/TCHC .

  • The purpose of Postmodernism is to turn the population into blithering idiots, easy to manipulate and rule over.

  • sk6actual

    Ignorants are easier to funnel through the gate …

  • Tooth&Claw

    No wonder Kumon math and similar programs are making a killing. The parents , at least, want their kids to succeed, even if they system doesn’t.