GOLDSTEIN: Catherine McKenna, #ClimateCrusader!

It was, declared Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna with the equivalent of a Twitter shrug, “a mistake.”

The mistake being that Canada, through her ministry, had just tweeted its congratulations to Syria for signing the Paris climate accord in a Twitter account that features a smiling McKenna as its avatar.

  • andycanuck

    And as Syria and Hitler agree on the Holocaust, call her #ClimateKlausBarbie!

  • Blind Druid

    Even the real Barbie is not dumb enough to wear hells on a bicycle!

    • Blind Druid


      • Maggat

        I should have read your reply first. I spent five minutes looking for ‘hells’.

        • Watchman

          ‘Heels Angles’: the dyslexic motorbike gang.

        • Blind Druid

          Maggat — Gotcha har har

      • Clausewitz

        My first thought also. Suuurree this isn’t a photo op. Just like Layton stopping his Limo driver two blocks before where he’s supposed to show up, asking the driver to get his bike out of the trunk, then photo opping the last two blocks. I think it’s called style over substance. The left loves style over substance.

        • Bataviawillem

          Reminds me of the footage of the Trudeau motorcade of suv’s idling for the whole time of a meeting he had in Toronto.

    • DaninVan

      I love it; her new nickname ‘ Hell, on Wheels’…
      “Will the Hellish Minister please explain…”

  • WalterBannon

    Climate Change Douche Catherine McKenna

  • Millie_Woods

    Love the pose. Reminds me of a soviet-Era propaganda poster. Sample :

    • WalterBannon

      Comrade McKenna

  • Still not sure if I accept the U.N.’s Syrian gov. sarin gas conclusion, because it’s hard to believe Assad would be that stupid. Chemical weapons are often launched from mortars, and any of the rebel groups could have done that to create a false flag.

    But I digress. Obviously McKenna and the Canadian Government are so focused on virtue signalling that they are even stupider.

  • Starlord

    BarrelBomb Barbie

  • Watchman

    Canada celebrating the dramatic reduction in carbon emissions by Syrian manufacturing and production industries and their continued movement to an agrarian substance economy. Along with a reduction in population that further limits their contribution to the global carbon emissions.

  • Oh, Climate Barbie!

    That picture says everything.

  • DMB

    Catherine McKenna with her luxury cars and vacuous lifestyle still has a ways to go to live her dream as a full blown Barbie!