France: A Decomposing Civilization

France is about to commemorate the victims of the terror attacks of November 13, 2015. What has been achieved in the two years since the attacks?

The French authorities are sending compensation to more than 2,500 victims of the jihadist attacks in Paris and Saint-Denis, who will be compensated with 64 million euros. Important victories were also attained by anti-terrorism forces. According to an enquiry by the weekly L’Express, in the last two years, 32 terrorist attacks were foiled, 625 firearms were seized, 4,457 people suspected of having jihadist links were searched, and 752 individuals were placed under house arrest. But the general impression is that of a country “frailing from within”.

In 1939, a Spanish anti-Fascist journalist, Manuel Chaves Nogales, fled to France, where he witnessed the collapse of the French Republic under German assault. His book, The Agony of France, could have been written about today. Nogales wrote that while the German soldiers were marching through Paris, the French were swarming out of movie theaters, “just in time for the apéritif at the bistro”.

  • simus1

    No doubt the “swarming Parisian crowds” leaving theatres as the first German troops marched in contained many of those the socialists and communists had succeeded in convincing years before that “finishing the Maginot Line was a total waste of money” and stopping it was their patriotic duty.

  • Linda1000

    President Macaroni was in Abu Dhabi this week gushing over the opening of the new “Louvre” brand museum.

  • Dana Garcia

    Hey Frenchies, nobody’s coming to save you this time.

    • marty_p

      France – the only country occupied by the Nazi’s during WW2 that actually increased employee productivity.
      They didn’t earn the nickname “Cheese eating surrender monkeys” for nothing.

    • Clausewitz

      Was in France in 2016. The most prominent things were EU flags, and Muslim graffiti. Not planning on going back.

  • Reader

    A musical interlude for Frances future.

  • WalterBannon

    france, dead man walking

    will be an Islamic state in our lifetime

    the statistics of current demographic changes make this a done deal

  • Watchman

    “2,500 victims of the jihadist attacks in Paris and Saint-Denis, who will be compensated with 64 million euros. ”
    Hell, that’s only 9.0 Omar Khadrs!
    This means one French person’s suffering is worth only 1/278 of a Khadr.

        (Canadian) A unit of currency equal to C$10.5 million.