During a bond hearing, Hamad asked the prosecutor if he was a “Zionist Jew”

Nasser Hamad. Murderous Muslim invoked Islamophobia defense in double homicide.

Ohio Man Who Invoked ‘Islamophobia’ Defense for Double Murder Gets Life in Prison

  • It’s like he wanted to go to jail.

  • Yaacov ben Moshe

    Hamad asked a prosecutor, “Are you a Zionist Jew?” as if that would prove that he was being singled out because he is, in his lawyer’s phrase “an Arab and a Muslim”. It is amazing, the tortured logic these violent, culturally warped anthropoids (and I refer equally to the dcimmi lawyer- a progressive, no doubt) use to conceive excuses and rationalizations for their murderous behavior. But then, they delight in torturing and murdering innocent men, women and children so why should the torture of logic surprise us? Indeed the two forms of torture inevitably lead the to one to the other.

    • Watchman

      Muslims, in general, take no personal responsibility and believe all their success and failure is due to external factors. In psychology this is termed an External Locus of Control and is characteristic of an Honorary/Shame culture as compared to an Internal Focus of Control in the Judea-Christian Guilt-based culture. Understanding the differences is key to understanding the pronouncements and behaviours of those from the Middle East, and explains the difficulty they have of fitting in with our culture and expectations.

      There is no internal qualms about ‘what is right?’, only a ‘what does Allah say I must do?’.

      • terrence22

        All those generations of inbreeding – marrying first cousins – results in people with very low intelligence, as well as many physical deformities. So, we can not expect muslims to speak or act intelligently.

    • bob e

      totally agree.. the rest of civilization does not fit
      into their conception of life ..

  • Dave

    Life in Prison, so how many will join his “religion of peace” because of him preaching every day for the rest of his life? Off the bastard.

    • Yes, this guy should have been sentenced to capital punishment.

  • An Arab/Muslim multiple murderer.

  • Hard Little Machine

    No doubt a car carrying member of JVP

  • bob e

    This headline is so funny. Islam is always eternally innocent.. eh .