Do you hate Bill Nye? Then you’ll enjoy this.

‘Holy sh*t, he’s getting destroyed!’ Bill Nye’s AMA on Reddit didn’t go so hot for the ‘Science Guy’

It seems the liberal left is just a shitty facade hiding the real shit.

  • simus1

    Bill Nye is the “doctor” on today’s leftist version of the old mid 19th century medicine show swindle. Not that many “real” doctors back then were legit either. But times change and Bill is just an actor. Of course these days there is no shortage of real lefty scientist ready to prostitute themselves and peddle the marxist Globull Warming fraud.
    Plus ca change ………….

  • Martin B

    It shouldn’t be just laymen and dudes on reddit trashing Bill Nye the Nazi Guy. It should be scientists. The fact that it isn’t tells you a lot.

    • Bataviawillem

      That’s because scientists are about science and not about trashing.

  • Gawd I hate ambiguous acronyms, even more than Bill Nye. What the hell is an “AMA”? Oh, I know: “A**holes Make Acronyms”!

    *Note to internet writers. Conventionally it’s okay to use acronyms, so long as the first time you use it in an article you spell it out. E.g.: AMA (American Medical Association). But I have no idea if it means “American Medical Association” here, or if it means “Almost Monkeyface Aerodynamics”.

    (sorry ’bout that folks — now you have my permission to continue with your comments LOLGTRGHWMNPPZZTOP)

    • Hard Little Machine

      Ask Me Anything – Reddit hosts these turkey shoots where someone of some notoriety volunteers to be the subject of an open forum where anyone can ask them anything. For most part they instantly implode under the Internet Hate Machine.

    • terrence22

      AMA also means “Alberta Motor Association”

      • And “Almost Monkeyface Aerodynamics”. Even my grandmother knows that.

  • Reader

    What, no rape claims against Nye?
    Well let’s have a comedy break then.

  • Watchman

    I disagree with the idea that you have to have some formal ‘qualifications’ in some field to be allowed to speak on issues in that field. To accept this premise means that none of us would be allowed to comment on this blog on almost anything without university degrees in science, politics, engineering, or feminism.

    What really should be looked at is the evidence anyone offers, not what their older qualifications were. In many cases I believe that formal qualifications can make you even less qualified to speak objectively about a subject, since the formal qualifications usually means that you adhere to the orthodoxy of that field of study. Feminist Studies for example: do you really think you would be awarded a degree in this if you didn’t toe the ideological line of the repression of women by a white male patriarchy?

    When Bill Nye uses the logical fallacy of ‘Argumentation from Authority’ he needs to be called on it. We need to make sure that we don’t fall into the trap of trying to do the same and dismissing someone because they don’t have the ‘right authority’.

    • Malcolm Y

      I agree that to be right and learned in a subject does not necessarily depend on credentials. However, having credentials in the sciences – at least up to recent times, means that you have put in time to study and honestly believe whatever opinions you have concerning your area of study; and that you know generally speaking the boundaries of knowledge at the time. But again, scientists are subject to all the failings of character that an average man has. There are several mathematicians in history that have a bad reputation because others thought they tried to steal their ideas. There is an old bit of lore, that if you ask an old scientist if something is possible and he says “yes” then he’s probably right; if he says “no” then have less confidence he’s right e.g. the scientist that said powered flight was impossible because any engine that had the requisite power would be too heavy to get itself off the ground.

  • Oh, the scorch.

    Someone get a wet blanket for Bill Nye because he got burned.

  • DMB

    Bill Nye should rename himself the Anal Sex guy rather than the Science guy!

  • Malcolm Y

    Him and his acolytes must be feeling a tremendous butt hurt.

  • clownloach

    I almost cancelled my netflix subscription because I saw his face there.