Corporate PC Assholism 101

Tesco Christmas advert attacked for featuring Muslim family

  • simus1

    Showing a Christian Arab or Copt family would not be trendy or horrors, PC.

    • It would be offensive … to Islamists.

      I’ve had Muslims friends come for Christmas supper. No problems.

      The real problem is with political multiculturalists and their warped view of the world.

      • Watchman

        Can you guarantee the children of your friends or their children will be just as friendly to kuffar like you and me? Therein lies the problem unfortunately: as long as islam exists the danger exists.

        Don’t get me wrong – I have muslim friends and they are wonderful people. But they are wonderful people despite islam and not because of it. I can never forget the danger of muslims yet unborn.

        • I’m pretty confident that I needn’t worry about that.

        • Will Quest

          I remember the Christmases when izzzlam did not blight our consciousness ……. Our children however will be hounded to take a knee & submit to this supremacist totalitarian ideology in every venue of their lives …..

  • DMB

    I can just imagine how Muslims would subvert Christmas. Maybe they would start with their own Carols like this one!

    Deck the halls with the blood of infidels
    Allah la la la la la la la
    Tis the season for jihad
    Allah la la la la la la la, Don we now are hijabs/burkas
    Allah la la la la la la la
    Troll the sharia no go zone for unbelievers
    Allah la la la la la la la

    See the beheadings and stoning of adulters
    Allah la la la la la la la
    Strike your wife/daughter and beat her gently
    Allah la la la la la la la

    Follow the “prophet” Mohammed in martyrdom
    Allah la la la la la la la
    Were 72 virgins or 300 young boys await you in paradise
    Allah la la la la la la la

  • Frances

    Does Tesco sell halal turkeys?

    • Del Evans

      You mean Butterball

      • Frances

        You DO know what’s injected into those turkeys, don’t you?

  • Gary

    The AD company mixed up the tapes. This was a promo video for refugees to show how jihadists torched several churches to burned to death the people inside where the State took over the houses to give to the muslims on welfare that will tear down all the non-islamic items and smash any Christian symbols as a favour to ISIS and allah .
    Allah will look after them and destroy the filthy infidels top drive them from their homes.
    Even the little girl wants to murder Christian to have her own house one day when the State takes it over and give to her .
    Terrorism works…so muslims don’t have to .

  • Del Evans

    No Longer a Civic Nationalist

    • Lightstream

      Good on her!

  • deplorabledave

    Britains fucked.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Were they setting fires and cutting of children’s heads?

  • Micky C.

    This ad wouldn’t really bother me if more of the muzzies actually celebrated Christmas with the whole peace, love and family thing. Sadly though, we know this is just a product of some ad exec’s disordered imagination.

    • Muslims are encouraged not to celebrate, not even to wish a Merry Christmas to an infidel.

  • Lightstream

    I wouldn’t shop at that store if you paid me.

  • Shebel

    ” We have Turkey for you”.
    I enjoy a nice smoked HAM.
    “WE have HAM for yoy”

  • fedupwithinsanity

    Boycott their stores. We still can do that.

  • Blind Druid

    This Jeff Dunham skit takes the cake. Song starts at 2:30. But the whole segment is funny.

  • Ho Hum

    Notice also how every white person in the ad is portrayed in the most unflattering way? They are portrayed as idiot’s who don’t know how to cook turkey , they are portrayed as overweight sloths.

  • Red-Pilled Conservative

    Detonation in 3..2..1..

  • Barrington Minge

    This is a sick joke. Mooslims don’t celebrate Christmas…someone needs to tell the idiots at Tesco. Sir John Cohen ( a Jew ) is rolling in his grave right now.
    Another thing. Study UK TV adverts. They all now feature a white, a black, a mooslim or someone in a wheelchair. PC run wild.