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Meet Virginia’s Danica Roem, one of America’s first openly transgender elected officials

The contest was one of dozens of state legislative races in which Democrats pushed to gain ground in the Republican-majority General Assembly, buoyed by a surge of anti-Trump sentiment among Democrats and independents, and hoping to provide an example for the nation of how to run in opposition to the unpopular Republican president. It also was the most prominent of several elections across the country in which transgender individuals won seats on city councils and a school board.

New York pols’ bill could serve as roadblock for terrorists trying to rent vehicles

Following the fatal Halloween attack on the Hudson River bike path, state lawmakers proposed legislation Wednesday aimed at making it tougher for terrorists to rent vehicles.

Senators in the Independent Democratic Conference proposed a bill called the Vehicle Ramming Prevention Act that would set up a hotline for commercial rental company workers to report suspicious activity and requiring the state Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services to create guidelines to help these employees figure out what actions or questions could be a cause of concern.

Fool, or security theater?

Concerns raised after Saskatchewan minister’s comments on Indigenous education

Indigenous leaders and teachers are raising concerns after Saskatchewan’s education minister suggested there might be too much “infusion” of First Nations history in school curriculum.

Bronwyn Eyre said in a speech last week in the legislature that “there has come to be at once too much wholesale infusion into the curriculum, and at the same time, too many attempts to mandate material into it both from the inside and by outside groups.”

Eyre said her son, who is in Grade 8, brought home a history assignment that suggested all pioneers to Canada were ill-meaning.

Internet Blows Up After Another Quarterback Is Signed Before Kaepernick

The Houston Texans signed quarterback Josh Johnson Wednesday, and Twitter blew up because another gunslinger got signed before Colin Kaepernick.

The reactions were exactly what we’ve come to expect out of the internet whenever a quarterback not named Colin Kaepernick gets signed.

Directive aims to cut the number of children in immigration detention

There are not enough facilities for immigration detention and sometimes people are transferred to provincial jails. This and the fact that young people may also be detained with or without parents or guardians has elicited severe criticism from human rights and advocacy groups. A Canadian judge has called the immigration detention system “arbitrary and Kafkaesque.”

This week, the minister of public safety and emergency preparedness announced a ministerial direction to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) on the treatment of minors in the immigration system. (A ministerial direction is the way a cabinet minister exercises authority over a government service and gives policy guidance.)

When Trump said, “Eff the Norks.”