Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, and Racism panelists discuss how to combat the alt-right

The so-called alt-right is on a massive upswing that’s been exacerbated by the Trump administration and seeks to divide its victims at the very time they need to be united, say panelists at a seminar held by the Enhancing Social Justice Education Project at the Ontario Institute for Studies and Education (OISE).

  • David Murrell

    Boy, this is bitter irony on a cold Thursday morning: Berne Farber talking about anti-Semitic at OISE, within the confines of the University of Toronto. And at that putrid “panel discussion” no mention of the institutionalized Jew-hatred at these two schools. And to think the CJN reported this farce with a straight face.

    • Observer

      Bernie Farber is living proof there is no cure nor treatment for narcissistic personality disorder.

      • David Murrell

        Here he is on a panel on anti-Semitism, yet a week or so ago he was featured in the Jew-hating Toronto Star defending a radical imam preaching for the final solution of Jews. Incredible, even by Bernie Farber standards.

  • sk6actual

    “First they came for the panelists …” Geez, don’t we wish …
    A bunch of 15 minute kumbaya famers … I’m sure this seminar will be remembered throughout history. yaaawnnn

  • mobuyus

    And muslims shall lead these fools easily.

  • canminuteman

    I don’t want any graduate of OISE teaching my children.

    • Reader

      Or as Premier of Ontario!

      • canminuteman

        My sister and brother in law are both graduates of OISE, although teaching is a second career for both of them, so they were old enough when they went that they could see through the BS.

    • Clausewitz

      Hey I worked on that premise for a number of years while I was a department head at a high school. Never hired anyone for teaching history from OISE, York, or Trent. Not because they were from those schools, but because they had no clue about Canadian History, and were too into Social Justice bullshit. I wanted academics, not Propagandists.

  • marty_p

    Message to Bernie Farber and Karen Mock – (2 losers who couldn’t win their riding when running for the Liberals.) SHUT UP and GO AWAY NOBODY APPOINTED YOU TO REPRESENT THE JEWISH COMMUNITY.

    • Bless his heart

      He probably would have work with or like Soros during WW2.

    • Grace Joy

      THere must be a way to separate people like them from other Jews. Notice Barbara Spectre blaming us for her multi-culti handing of Sweden to Islam & joining others to destroy the “white race” Or “Jewish” groups like Jewschool & Jews for racial & economic justice (see their facebook pages. They teach our kids anti-Israel / pro-Palistinian lies. AntiSemitic slander is allowed, while rebuttals are removed – I speak from experience). How a Jew can’t be bothered to double-check if it’s true that Jews would act as they say we do.

      We have to stop “speaking” & start stopping these “Jews.” I don’t know how to do it. They don’t speak for me, though.

  • Bless his heart

    Numbnuts for brains.

  • robins111

    Alt-right the new imaginary boogy man of the whining class

    • Grace Joy

      It’s the distraction from Islam. It’s a way to focus hatred on non-blacks. They don’t know or care what the Holocaust was. They’ve been keeping USA busy as Islam continues to infiltrate government (trying to pass anti-Islamophobia laws to stop “bullying” in schools; it’s in Homeland Security; Meuller panders to it; it’s taught in our schools; etc.) & indoctrinate our kids. BLM is an offshoot, sensitizing everyone never to stop or harm non-whites. All these “groups” touched by Islam are ready to kill all individuals for the sake of Islam’s “minority” groups. They’re all useful idiots to keep us busy. Why are Dems & Islm allowed their atrocities? Why is Meuller allowed to do what he’s doing when Obama & Clinton walk free? Why can they pass slander off as freedom of speech?

      Our country isn’t going to be here much longer. Islam has a date of 2020 for conquest; & in ten years they’ll be pushing us to use driverless cars & have Neuralink (elon Musk) implainted to help us cope with Artificial Intelligence (AI). Zuckerburg, another self-hating Jew, wants everyone to have “free income” (they’re working on it in HI) because we’re becoming obsolete with AI. We’ll have to eat GMO because there will be so little farmland left (overpopulation of other countries brought to USA for “growth”). Islam, & the police state necessary to control it (Gaddafy, Hussein, etc.), will be the control.

      Why are they forcing the overpopulation of third world countries on us?

      Why do Arabs & their religion have so much control of journalism (see Arabic names on taqiyya articles, media (Aol, BBC, etc.), & schools (CAIR, of the MB banned in Egypt & other Arabic countries)? They’ve been doing this for 1400 years, & their lies precede them to make it very easy for them to take over.

  • reidjr

    Was it the alt right telling all white people to go to the back or was it the alt right refusing to show there faces.

    • Clausewitz

      Alt right is just the new nomenclature for NEO Cons. Like back then, today lefties don’t have a clue what it means. It’s just a derisive term for anybody that doesn’t agree with their bullshit.

  • Grace Joy

    This is a trick. Islam always has other “minority” groups to help it appear “the same as.” It’s the OPPOSITE of “the other Abrahamic religions.” Follows Ishmael (the one Abraham almost sacrificed); says Jesus is a “Palestinian” Muslim who didn’t die on the cross but foretold the coming of Mohammed; says Jews & Christians will be punished for tahrif (misleading the world about Islam); etc. It’s the only religion that mandates crucifying, beheading, dismembering, killing all who disagree, throwing from high places, raping women not properly covered up, pedophilia, sex & other slavery, women as 1/2 worth of man possessions, etc. It’s in the quran & hadiths.

    Islam can wear hijabs & burqas because Jews & Sikhs wear head coverings. It can open mosques & learning centers where Islam is put forth in full taqiyya. There are Islamic training centers around the country that the FBI “watches.” Islam is what incites BLM to kneel to protest Oppressive USA rather than go to inner cities to get kids off drugs & selling; & out of gangs & Islam; & into society. Kashmir wants away from “oppressive” India; “Palestinians” (Arabs, from Arabia) want Israel dead & gone; “Rohingya,” another made up group of Islmic Refugees, like “Palestinians,” want BUddhists of Myanmar gone (just like there are no more Buddhists or Hindus in Afghanistan, Pakistan).

    In San Diego, Islam & the school district are aggressively trying to pass anti-Islamophobia laws in schools so Muslim kids aren’t “bullied.” Some parents sued to stop it. After the Supreme Court said Islam could no longer be taught in schools, San Diego wanted the “culture” taught so as to stop “bullying.” They even tried using LGBT as an example of who might be “helped” if Islam were to be privileged.

    Why can’t Islam learn how to stop forcing itself on others? Why is its “hurt feelings” something to be avoided; yet it can hurt all it wants. USA better wake up & use our laws to stop Islam. It’s using our laws against us; as it uses every cultures strengths against them.

    I’m sure you recognized Meuller in there; undermining USA government to make a coup easier.

    Just saying. This is multi-culti BS taqiyya.