Toronto funding Muslim-only youth fellowship internship positions in city government offices

Where is the program for Jews? Christians? Hindus? Government internships for Muslims and Muslims only. This is the very definition of sharia law, special superior rights for a “superior” class.

The city of Toronto will be funding a Muslim youth fellowship internship program in city councillors’ offices.

Canada is sinking fast under Trudeau.

  • john700

    I wonder how would they check if someone is Muslim or not? .

    • Starlord

      In this case skin colour and country of origin (or parents)
      Or attends certain mosque as I don’t see this as an open call for any Muslim…

      • Mickey Oberman

        Skin colour has nothing to do with whether one is or is not a Muslim.
        Your lordship sounds very much like a racist bigot.

      • john700

        So “converts” are not allowed? That’s discrimination!

        • Starlord

          I think they are second class islamists..
          Arabs first, Asians second then I think it’s a battle for who is next….

    • Mickey Oberman

      Give them a plate of bacon and eggs or a ham sandwich to eat.
      It wont be 100% but be should be a good start to a valid and thorough interrogation.

      • john700

        So non-Muslims should pretend to be Muslims and get the fellowship. Is there a religious test to see who’s Muslim or not?

        • Mickey Oberman

          If it means stopping potential killers and saving lives no measures are too strict.
          Perhaps you can come up with a better solution instead of criticizing.

  • marty_p

    Toronto taxpayers get fleeced paying for special category token hiring for Aboriginals, Blacks and now Muslims.

    • ontario john

      Next thing you know the University of Toronto will be enlarging their Islamic Studies building. Oh wait…they are.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I hope it’s in the bomb disposal squad.

  • Ho Hum

    “in partnership with DawaNet”

    DA’WAH !

    From Wikipedia:

    “Da‘wah (also daawa or daawah; Arabic: دعوة‎‎ “invitation”) is the proselytizing or preaching of Islam.”

    “Muslims made it a part of their political theory (through relating da’wa to jihad) and life (using the concept of da’wa in their political agendas). Taken in general, the intertwining of da’wa and politics, then, has been a feature throughout the Muslim history, though practical implications of this have been different in different ages.[28]”

    • Reader


      “Funding in the amount of approximately $22,200 will be provided by
      Urban Alliance on Race Relations in partnership with DawaNet.”

      • Reader

        BTW the Urban Alliance on Race Relations gets most of its funding from… drum roll please… the City of Toronto!

        So its really taxpayers who are funding this the Urban Alliance on Race Relations being used as a front to hide that it is our money going for this.

  • ontario john

    So when will they be setting up an office to introduce Sharia Law to Toronto?

    • Observer

      I’m still waiting for the day they let the CN Tower be used as a Minaret to call the Adhan over Toronto for Islamic Heritage Month of October.

      • ontario john

        They are probably waiting to get permission to throw homosexuals off it.

        • Observer

          Or for Qatar to purchase it for that purpose so everybody in the downtown can hear the call to prayer five times a day.

          • Mickey Oberman

            Qatar would probably offer to build a much higher minaret.

  • simus1

    Training on the taxpayers dime for lefty multiculty apprentice vote whores? Next stop, the farm teams, ie school board trustee in waiting. The places where no taxpayer knows your name but you are first to get a “youth call” on every journos’ Rolodex?

  • WalterBannon

    how is legal

    • John Boy

      Anything that discriminates against whites is not only considered legal but a virtuous moral imperative.

  • Mickey Oberman

    Yet another step in Trudeau’s scheme of converting Canada to an Islamic state.

    Do not forget his recital of the Shahadah. All that is required for a person to convert to Islam.

    He is dangerous. He must be removed from power of any kind.

  • Brenton Siddons

    another example of creeping Marxism…Muslims are “victims” and therefore warrant special advantage. number UNO …top of the list …in the Marxist Frankfurt school 11 point plan…THE CREATION OF RACIST OFFENCES…