The List: ‘Scream Helplessly at the Sky’ Event Happening in 25 Cities on Wednesday

Scream away!

  • robins111

    This is going to make better video than the election night whining and bawling

  • laja kurc

    I remember my children having screaming tantrums but they ended after about age three.

  • Gary

    The Liberal media and Hillary supporting News Hosts love to show the same 50 yahaoo’s that riot and scream how Trump is Hitler and just take a Bus from protest to protest .
    Democrats have pretty well ruined it for having another black male candidate to win the Election as the 2nd black Prez. Obama had the Race-card while his Party and voters gave him a pass in every failure by the Liberal soft-bigotry of Lowered Expectations for non-whites and now Muslims.

    The CBC is just as bad for its bias to bash the jews, Trump , Christians, white working class , the Military and almost anything that isn’t pro-Democrat.
    The CBC incites racism and Jihad because they use Toronto to define Canada and yet when the Census shows only a 14% non-white citizen population where over 80% of Canada have a religion tied to Christ while just 4% of the rest are non-religious…..the CBC News and Shows make it seem like Canada is 40% Black , 30 % homosexuals, 80% immigrants, 30% refugees, 90% single moms , 20% trans-genders , 20% homeless and 90% white male racist KKK Christians .

    Muslims and Blacks are pounded over the head by the CBC lies that they are the only victims on Earth where those evil White people and Christians are the oppressors keeping them down.
    I won’t be shocked when Blacks torch Toronto as they did for the 1967 Detroit while Muslims go jihad and and make it look like Baghdad with suicide bomber and VBIED’s .

    • ntt1

      It would be like Detroit, a white flight followed by hollowing out. Third worlders in concentration will kill what they came for.

    • Lol: “the CBC News and Shows make it seem like Canada is 40% Black , 30 % homosexuals, 80% immigrants, 30% refugees, 90% single moms, 20% trans-genders, 20% homeless and 90% white male racist KKK Christians.”

      • Clausewitz

        You forgot the 120% whiny Native Canadian.

  • That was one of the happiest days of my life, when I heard Trump was elected.

    • I just still hope and pray to see Obama and H. Clinton in prison, where they deserve to end their evil days.

      • ntt1

        its looking a bit more positive now thanks to uranium one but Canadians should be fully aware these are the same gang that helped elect turdhole. Canada has its own swamp and an even more corrupt media.

  • Dana Garcia

    Libs are such whiners. Conservatives were NOT happy with Obama, but there was no mass squawking after his elections.

  • Linda1000

    Why don’t the Lefties all start jumping off bridges to make their efforts more worthwhile.

  • Linda1000

    The 45th President of the U.S. and I think the best President to be elected since Ronald Reagan and before that D. Eisenhower.
    Unless some unforseen real disaster happens, I looking forward to Trump’s second term. 🙂

  • John

    Isn’t this the purvey of Yoko Ono?

    She should sue the people who are organizing this for plagiarism.

    • vimy

      Ragism bagism this ism that ism ismismif.

  • ntt1

    will it be acceptable to water balloon a wailing progressive? to break the cycle or something?