The Top 50 countries that persecute Christians in 2017 dominated by Muslim states

MILLIONS of Christians across the world are facing punishments including imprisonment, torture and death for practicing their faith, shocking new research has revealed.

Gee do I have that right? 41 of the top 50 are Muslim states? Nah! Can’t be

  • marty_p

    The way that some Christian churches single out Israel as the root of all evils would have one believe that Israel is the country with the most extreme persecution of Christians, when in fact it’s a white spot on a sea of read and orange on the map provided.

    • k1992

      The Christian population is actually growing and thriving in Israel – the only place in that hellish region where that is the case.

    • Drunk by Noon ✓

      Can you point out these anti Israeli churches?
      I have been to many churches in my life and UNIVERSALLY their support for Israel has only ranged from the very supportive to the insanely supportive.
      I have never in my life seen, or even heard first hand of any mainstream Christian Church being even the slightest bit critical of Israel.

      • Norman_In_New_York

        Some of the mainline Protestant churches, including the Presbyterian hierarchy, the Christian Scientists and the Unitarian Universalists, are hostile to Israel in their striving for political correctness.

        • Actually I think the article was implying the opposite — that Orthodox Judaism sometimes persecutes Christians. I don’t know how accurate that is hence I don’t know if I agree, but that was my reading.

          Seems rather vague:
          “Religious nationalism – attempts to conquer the nation for one’s
          religion. Mainly Hinduism and Buddhism, but also Orthodox Judaism or
          other religions”

        • Drunk by Noon ✓

          Thanks Norman.
          Christian Scientists are considered heretical and are not considered mainstream Christian by anybody but Christian Scientists (the rest of Christianity generally thinks they are nuts or well off the deep-end like the Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses), and Unitarians deny the trinity and are not even Christian, let alone mainstream.
          The Presbyterians are way more mainstream and so I’ll have to look into what they are saying.

        • marty_p

          One other – the Mennonite church system.

  • DMB

    I am surprised to see Mexico and Columbia on that list!

    • canminuteman

      I was thinking the same thing. Especially Mexico.

      • xavier

        Not really. The 1910 revolution was particularly anti Catholic viciously so.and provoked the Cristeros rebellion. Until very recently priests couldn’t wear clerical garb and Church property was confiscated and belonged to the state
        Also many Spanish Anarchists went there and when they came back applied what they learnt during the Spanish civil war.
        Colombia does surprise me. Unless it comes the FARC and the other commie scum

        • canminuteman

          Thanks for the history lesson. I never knew that.

          • xavier

            You’re welcome. I learn a lot from you too

    • Alain

      I am surprised not to see Canada on that list. Anyone think I am exaggerating only has to remember the persecution of Christian businesses or heaven forbid public prayer or schools allowing anything Christian.

    • Mexico is more than secular — its an official form of Secularism as in an “ism” (maybe like France?). Missionaries are officially banned in Mexico, but there are various ways around it — I don’t know how dogmatically the Government enforces it. I think there’s also a problem in some of the tightly-controlled Indigenous regions if you are a Christian — there have in fact been Christians murdered for their faith in these areas.

      Surprising that Cuba isn’t included. But I think the problem with Cuba is the institutional Church has pretty much been co-opted at this point. If nobody is complaining about it and reporting it, then naturally HR orgs and others like Open Doors aren’t going to hear about it. Just an educated guess.

      There have also been what appear to be some targeted killings of Clergy in former communist Nicaragua, members of the FSLN have been suspected but I’m not sure if it’s been proven.

      And Colombia is probably in the FARC-controlled regions, not the Colombian government. I think it’s actually communist/socialist Venezuela that supports FARC.

  • A couple of the few non-Islamist countries – China and North Korea – people are willing to overlook because actually dealing with them is seen as a waste of time.

  • Justin St.Denis

    Let’s be honest. Culturally speaking, there are few if any countries where Christians are NOT persecuted in some way. And that is so unfortunate. More unfortunate than non-believers can possibly know or appreciate…….

  • mauser 98

    Mexico , Columbia are Catholic…??

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    All of Europe and the UK should be on that list.

    • Alain

      And Canada.

      • Drunk by Noon ✓

        I don’t know, but are they really that bad?

        • The Liberal Party of Canada’s swing to the extreme Left is a recent phenomenon (especially since Justin took the reins). Seems to me similar to the phenomenon occurring with your Democrats.

          But even before Justin there were repeated convictions and jailings of peaceful Christian anti-abortion protestors. It clearly violates our Charter (Constitution), but since when did a private citizen have the means and influence to bring the issue before our Supreme Court? Never. In a addition there have been conservative Catholic clergy such as Bishop Henry out West who have been subjected to Government persecution, but the Church is too spineless to support him.

      • Clausewitz

        Also the twin whack job nations within the US; California and New York State.