Portland Candidate Berated For Being A White Male: “How Dare You Run Against 3 Women Of Color”

Former Oregon Public Broadcasting host Spencer Raymond was inundated with anti-white, racist hate after announcing his candidacy for Portland City Council on Facebook late last month. 

  • tom_billesley

    They’ll be putting pickets on voting stations to turn away the white male privileged and campaigning for them to be disenfranchised.

    • Editor

      Rightly so. Black women don’t stand a chance if there’s a white man running against them, or at least that’s what the majority of his detractors seem to think. Quite progressive.

      • jayme

        Well, with society being steeped in the evil White Patriarchy, he’d have an unfair advantage (as all whites do). And don’t forget the Mossad agents secretly orchestrating the whole thing from behind the scenes.

  • simus1

    Hey! No pitchurs uvs tree wimmens o collah in dah race? Iz dey hot?

  • Starlord

    Can’t wait to till this rhetoric comes to Ontario

  • Hard Little Machine
  • Malcolm Y

    Well, he looks exactly like I would imagine a Portland councilman to look like. Will he: 1. Apologize for his white man’s privilege and say he’ll never sin again?
    2. Say “Eff you ugly girls of color; I’m a perfect councilman and I’m going to win; so KMFA.”