Oh dear, who painted racist things on this black man’s car? Of course . . .

Serious question, and it’s one about which I’m genuinely concerned: Are young black people being made to feel that they have no real identity if they can’t claim some sort of racial victim status? Are they being browbeaten into thinking that being strong, independent and happy means you’re “trying to act white” or something along those lines?

  • Jim Stewart

    No, actually it is a lot worse than that. Black men AND woman HAVE BEEN raised to be black supremacists (hate all races except their own), blame everyone else’s historical actions for their perceived demise. As Reagan put it, “The racism of low expectations”. Democrats have a long history of racism and cynical racist policy. Unfortunately, minorities have fallen for this con for literally decades, as a direct result of the murder of MLK, in my opinion.
    It is changing for the better; primarily, this can be attributed to the ineptness of the social planners (Globalist Oligarchs), more open informational mediums, etc.
    Watch this video for some background and hope https://youtu.be/78q9QXwKnQc

  • Hard Little Machine

    Since the ‘bad’ words were blurred out, I see nothing wrong with anything here and wish people would stop making up things and invent this ‘racism’ where clearly no such thing exists in America. Stop complaining about ‘slavery’ already.

  • andycanuck

    He also wasn’t charged with a hate crime despite that being what the cops were investigating the matter over and not just e.g. vandalism.

  • Mickey Oberman

    Blacks have a valid claim against their history of racism.
    But today far, far more blacks are murdered by blacks than by all other races.
    Black Lives Matter but how many of them rush to assist the police investigating black murders of black victims?
    Very few. So they are aiding and abetting the future murder of yet more blacks by blacks.

    Blacks have a valid hatred of their history of slavery.
    But it was blacks who sold their fellow blacks to Arabs who then sold them to white slave traders,

    Jews have a valid hatred of their 300 year enslavement in Egypt and three thousand years of persecution and degradation. But that did not prevent us from advancing our culture and education nor did we make a practice of murdering fellow Jews or anyone else.
    Can blacks say the same about blacks?
    Why not? They are just as intelligent as anyone else but they squander that intelligence on hatred and self pity and, I dare say, self hatred.

    Pitiful hoards of black children are raised without fathers.
    The Jews always have and always will cherish their children above all else.
    Where are the loving black fathers?