Muslim College Student Who Lied About Trump Supporters Attacking Her On NY Subway Pleads Guilty

On Friday, Yasmin Seweid, 19, the Muslim college student at Baruch College who lied to police, telling them she had been harassed on the New York subway by white men who attempted to seize her hijab, pleaded guilty to falsely reporting an incident and disorderly conduct.

  • PaulW

    She intends to “better herself”, does she? Start by dropping islam (though my guess is she intends to do the opposite).

  • Dana Garcia

    Traditional muzli dad shaved her hair off afterwards. Just the sort we do NOT want as immigrants. Deport the whole gaggle.

  • Starlord

    3 days community service…
    Guy writes anti islam crap on a bench gets 6 months
    Guy puts bacon on mosque, jail time and then killed in prison

  • Blacksmith

    Deport her sorry ass and anyone she is related to and anyone they are related to and anyone they are related to and so on, This should end the muzzscum invasion if taken to about 10 or 12 iterations.

  • Gary

    Islam needs hate to spread because the core Tenets are based on hate and racism. How pathetic that muslims will lie their guts out about a hate-crime just to play the victims when Muslims make up about 99% of the 33,000+ terrorism acts since 9/11 that were inspired by an Imam or the quran.

    Back in the 1960’s I saw how the rich in Toronto knew to live among each other and let the poor have the daughters raped or sons killed. Today…..the rich whites and Liberals in Toronto still have the well protected and well policed areas that shields them from the Blacks and the muslims among the poor which has only changed from the 60’s where whites had the highest poverty rates but now racism was added since even the rich Blacks have their own areas while Muslims that get rich avoid Black areas or any non-muslims area .

    The Canada of the 1960’s was not going to stay like that for ever. It would have seen Toronto have the growth in Blacks from the 2nd or 3rd generations in Canada that spoke English and wanted safe schools like any parent would.
    But when Trudeau opened the flood gates and canadian blacks were out numbered by black immigrants with accents and self-segregated in welfare housing….. we also saw Whites coming in with little to do with the Canadian culture and no interest in it.

    Non-muslims are not allowed in Mekkah while jews are banned from 14 islamic nations.
    Justin’s and his Liberals are fine with the 56 OIC jew-hating , wife beating , homophobic , child brides , xenophobic and racist populations having a Culture, Language and a Border for the Identity we see at the UN or the World’s Fair .
    But somehow Canada is not allowed to have an identity because that would be racist .

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    …some 16 year old kid got 30 years for just calling the SWAT team on one of his buddies at home as a prank…

  • marty_p

    Exactly why would a Muslima want to attend a college named after a Jew, that has faculties named after Jews?

    • Will Quest

      I can see her forehead pubes…… nasty hourie ……