Left Attacks Muslims from Persecuted ‘Apostate’ Sect for Selling Poppies

Ahmadiyya Muslims raising funds for the Royal British Legion have described receiving abuse from left-wing opponents of the “racist” Poppy Appeal.

Followers of the Islamic sect, whose members are violently oppressed as “infidels” in some Muslim majority countries like Pakistan, told the Mail on Sunday that their efforts for the UK charity have seen Ahmadis branded “infidels” by mainstream Muslims, and “traitors” by the far left.

  • Hard Little Machine

    We need to put the crazies in a stadium to fight to the death

    • Leftist Brits have lost their frigging minds.

      The UK civil war is coming. Are there enough testicals left to reclaim the country?

      • canminuteman

        It is not outside the realm of possibility that Corbyn will be the next PM.

  • ontario john

    Its a good thing little Justin is away to avoid that Poppy nonsense.

    • jayme

      The timing of his trip is an unfortunate coincidence, undoubtedly.

      • ontario john

        But everyone was looking forward to him wearing his father’s German helmet. It would have been so diverse.

  • Barrington Minge

    Well keep it up mooslims. If you carry on killing each other, eventually there will be none of you left for civilised people to deal with.

  • Gary

    This is exactly why I have said that Justin’s female Pakistani MP ,tied to the hamas funding CAIR , wants to bring in M-103 as a ruse to use the fabricated hate-crime claims by muslims to morph the Motion into a Law where the pro-sharia Pakistani muslims in canada will use the Law to silence or Jail and Ahmadi’s as islamophobes.

    Most people know who NOT to invite to the Wedding reception because it will be ruined by tension among those that never got along and will use the event start a verbal war or escalate to fighting.

    Canada is importing muslim sects that hate each other and will ruin the nation by bring their wars to out soil and get us killed among the others they target.
    The head of the NDP refuses to link the Sikh terrorists to the 1984 terrorism by 2 Sikhs terrorists that slaughtered 260 Canadians over their war back home.
    While most Liberals blame the RCMP for not stopping it……. that Plot was hatched by Sikh’s, for Sikh’s and used a Sikh explosive expert from Mining and Forestry work that blew up tree stumps and rocks .
    I’m sick of Multiculturalism bringing us a Diversity of terrorism and drug dealers. Back in the 1970’s we had to shut-up about the jamaican posse gangs and illegal drug market in welfare housing where black unwed mothers had several kids from several men which was normal back home to spread your legs for any low IQ pig.
    Toronto has several Police Unit that deal with gangs and crimes based on race and nationality other that white and Canadians.

    MS-13 and Muslim rape-gangs are the latest Diversity where we must shut-up and embrace how the World came to canada But those nations were more than happy to see the pedophiles and rapists leave for canada and take their drug dealing business too to poison OUR children and rape OUR women.

  • Blacksmith

    The leftist pisslamist alliance continues, it will not end well for the leftist.