Kevin Spacey should have converted to Islam to save himself

Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and Kevin Spacey at Celebrate Liberal Sex Predator Day

Imagine if Harvey Weinstein had called the accusations against him an anti-Semitic plot. Kevin Spacey could have simply recited the Shahada and saved his career.

What would have happened had Harvey Weinstein, accused of multiple rapes and sexual harassment, denounced it as an “anti-Semitic plot”, if the Academy had then left him in place and if his colleagues rushed to Weinstein’s defense, saying that he was “a prominent producer”?

This is what happened to Tariq Ramadan, the renowned Swiss Islamist accused by women of rape and sexual harassment. Now new accusations come from Switzerland, where four women say they were abused by Ramadan while studying under him. The Tribune de Geneve reports that one of these women says she had relations with Ramadan when she was fifteen in the back of a car.

And what did Oxford academics do where Ramadan teaches? Obviously, they tried to protect his chair.