Germany must allow third gender in registry of births, court rules

Germany’s Federal Constitutional Court on Wednesday called for a third gender option in the registry of births.

Intersex people, who are neither male nor female, should be able to register their sexual identity as such, the Karlsruhe court ruled.

The court found that the general right to the protection of personality in Germany’s Basic Law meant the register had to be altered to allow a third gender.

  • ThirdParadox

    May I ask…

    How does this “third” gender look like…? I mean, we’ve established two already – you know them, I’m sure by now. But a third…? In which textbook does a picture or biological aspect explain this third gender?

    I’m not trying to sound sarcastic, but I would REALLY like to SEE this third gender. For “science”, of course. (OK, so I MIGHT have stretched the ‘no sarcasm’ part there, but… whatever).

    So if anyone has info on this third gender, feel free to link it here. It’s news to me…

    • Clink9

      It probably looks like Kathleen Wynne.

      • Bataviawillem

        Like a horse?

        • canminuteman

          Kathleen is pretty ugly for a horse.

  • tom_billesley

    Why stop at three?

    • ThirdConundrum

      Because we haven’t even yet established what a third gender looks like, or is explained by science and biology. So we stop at a “theoretical” third gender, at least for now.

  • As I understand it, an “intersex” person is one whose sexuality has not formed sufficiently to be recognisable as male or female.

    It is an imperfection surely , not a third sex. If a child is sadly born with an imperfectly formed leg, does that make it a “third person type”?

    I think the question that should be asked is: “Does evolution have a purpose for intersex, or is it just a biological imperfection?”

    • Alain

      Indoor plumbing equals female sex; outdoor plumbing equals male sex. Yes, there is the very rare case of someone with a bit of both, but like I say that condition is extremely rare.

  • canminuteman

    I gather these people still haven’t figured out the difference between sex and gender even as defined by the SJW set. If I understand correctly “gender” is what you feel you are while sex is based on what’s between your legs, and coded into every cell in your body via DNA and chromosomes. I buy the courts decision, if they start doing chromosome checks at birth and create a third sex (not gender) for the 1 in 500 who are born XXY, one in 1,000 who are born XYY, rather than just looking at the sex organs to determine if the person is male or female.

  • Etobicoke_Gladiator

    Call me a neolithic conservative, but I have a newsflash for many on the left in the 21st century: There are only two genders (sexes), namely male and female, as created by God. This will never change, so get over it.