France seeks to deny its Islamists the oxygen of outrage

Poland is cross about a cross. Specifically, the one that, last week, a French court ordered to be removed from above a statue of Pope John II. A gift in 2006 to the mayor of the Breton town of Ploërmel, the 7.5 metre-high statue depicts John Paul II praying beneath an arch adorned with a large cross. But the cross will be dismantled because it violates French strict secularism, enshrined in the 1905 ‘laïcité’ law separating Church and State.

The Poles are furious. Prime Minister Beata Szydło accused the French of ‘censorship’, warned that the removal of the cross was another blow to Europe’s Christian heritage and would lead only to the further rise of ‘values which are alien to our culture, which leads to terrorising Europeans in their everyday life’. There were dire warnings, too, from the French right. MP Valérie Boyer called the decision ‘madness’, and Louis Aliot, vice president of the Front National, thundered that France was witnessing ‘the destruction of our Judeo-Christian society’.

  • Martin B

    If you run your entire country so as not to outrage Muslims, you have a Muslim country.

    • Watchman

      Regardless of how they run their country, if they allow the population of muslims to rise it will get to the point where sheer numbers will allow the introduction of Shari’a Law, and so all their current attempts to maintain secular law will be for naught. Indeed the lack of picking and choosing a Judeo-Christian friendly set of laws is killing France (and Germany, etc) because they have no base on which all their ethics, morals and laws are based. Nobody has been able to adequately derive a full set of morals from scratch and teach that to the children, nor is there any intention to do so. As a result, robust, uncompromising religions like islam will succeed in an environment where Progressive teachers have managed to create the impression that Western Civilisation is the worst culture ever conceived instead of the best.

  • Political multiculturalism and secularism are cloaks behind which cowards and hateful fools hide.

    If one wishes to see statues, ect of Saint John Paul II, visit Poland. France isn’t worth it anymore.

  • So Macron thinks that brainwashed zombies will suddenly abandon their blind hatreds and their killing sprees and become brain surgeons on seeing that cross removed?

    Why did it take the French eleven years to decide the cross is against the law? What has happened in France over the last eleven years, I wonder, that might have precipitated such an action?

    The Spectator seemed to be reasoning that if you remove everything that Muslims don’t like, they will suddenly integrate and become useful members of the French community. I think it more likely they will become the French community.