Dewsbury teenager drank bleach after Muslim dad attacked her for being ‘too Westernised’ and wearing make-up

Police were called to the family’s home in Dewsbury, West Yorks on October 1 by paramedics, Kirklees magistrates were told.

Prosecutor Vanessa Jones said: “An ambulance was already there following a report that a young lady had drunk some bleach following a domestic incident.

“They were met by the brother of the 17-year-old victim, went upstairs and found her in a distressed state.

“She was sat on the edge of the bed, gasping for breath and clutching her arms and stomach.”

  • Exile1981

    So ws it an attempted suicide or attempted honor killing?.

    • terrence22

      Yes, both.

  • That’s awful. I mean who can drink bleach? Even cleaning with bleach — even diluted — you have to leave all your windows open, and go out for a couple hours afterwards to get some fresh air and let it clear up.

    I read somewhere once that in laboratory experiments bleach was one of the few things that kills the AIDS virus. I don’t know if its true, but they’ve obviously not found a way to medicalize it because it’s so toxic.

    • Who can drink it? Someone who imagines a far worse fate than that.

      That’s the Islamist family for you.