Christie Blatchford: Deleting ‘political’ emails not wrong, defence lawyer tells gas plants trial

The lawyers argue that prosecutors haven’t met the minimal threshold of “some evidence,” have failed to muster the slimmest of cases and that the charges should be dismissed

I bet they skate.

  • andycanuck

    And what is “attempted murder” anyway? Do they give out Nobel Prizes for attempted literature?

    • May as well.

    • ontario john

      Attempted literature? Is that something like Margaret Atwood books?

    • Clausewitz

      No, but in Canada they do give out the Geller prizes to Maggie Atwood for her dreck.

  • ontario john

    Welcome to Sunny Ways Ontario, where the justice system is bought and paid for by the Liberal Party.

  • Gary

    This is good new for Businesses that can delete damaging Tax evidence where the CRA will have to deal with the McGuinty Gas Plant ruling that the SCOC supports too.
    You could even try to use the Wynne defence over this issue where you tell the CRA that you are too stupid to be expected to know what went on around you as the Vice President during the corruption and fraud in the Office.

    This looks so good on all the Immigrants that blindly voted Liberal for decades and bought the lie of FREE Health care . They also felt so good paying Taxes to fund Social programs that made us great in a rich nation.
    Today … we see the Health care imploding while refugees get treated better than the parents of those Immigrant from the 1980’s as Toronto boasts of the 300,000 illegals entitled to welfare while Wynne is pushing euthanasia for them to put their parents down and free-up a Bed for a sick refugee.
    Wynne is now creating more OPSEU job$-4-life by her $2,500,000,000.00 Home Care plan she will now use to buy the 2018 election via the Unions.
    The gas plant fraud will look like pocket change as will the AdScam’s $300 million plus stolen by Liberals under Chretien and Martin since Justin will be shelling out almost $60 billion to Liberal friendly business whee 80% will be wages in the Infrastructure Plan.
    Ontario is already running Ads that show all the JOBS for the ARTS community and Health care related buildings which we all knew was the Plan from the start since Wynne shut down 3 Hospitals where she’s now re-opening 1 for 2018 to claim that Liberals created more Hospital beds.

    When Ontario had a growth of about 11% over around 8 years……someone researched McGuinty’s Government for the budget numbers and saw that the Employee population and costs grew 28% . This when more self-serve Kiosks were installed for Government service and more Internet base Gov websites for help before making a phone call with a simple question.
    So when automation and e-services came in we still see a 28% increase in the size of the Government buy in the private sector the media reported a loss of 300,000 jobs from automation and down-sizing of moving to Mexico to save money .

    Toronto keep allowing more condos to be built to get more taxes to run the city. But they are losing money on every condo built as the budget grows and debt now is screaming towards $6 billion and is a Sanctuary City giving services to tourists that don’t pay taxes .

    For years we have been victims of the GST rebate scam for tourists that become undocumented to get welfare and heath care but because the CRA sees them as non-residents , they can use their foreign address on the FORMS for the GST rebate which means that their Welfare cheque will have any spending as tax-free to be a 13% HST benefit over Citizens where they must wait until tax time and file for the quarterly rebate .

  • WalterBannon

    crimes not crimes, when done by wynne govt officials, says douche-bag lawyer.

    god damned banana republic

    no justice in Ontario

    • Clink9

      The term “Banana Republic” has no meaning anymore like “racist”.

      We are all bananas now.

      Every country in world has an entire class of people that will never have to pay for their crimes.

  • canminuteman

    Back in the old days, when I was in the army, if you wrote a memo you had to assign it a file number and give a copy of it to the clerk who would file a copy appropriately. They are then kept forever. I don’t know what the protocol is now that we use email, but there has to be rules and regulations regarding the treatment of government correspondence.

  • Alain

    Even were it true that deleting government e-mails is not a crime, wiping the hard drives most certainly is. This claim is right up there with the Muslim rapist who claimed he accidentally fell on the victim. We have become just another failed third world country without the rule of law.

    • Old Guy

      Further, when justice is thwarted by a judge’s ruling (denying the testimony on the record of the prosecution’s expert witness) is it not the duty of the prosecution to not only object to the ruling but also to appeal the ruling on the basis that it unduly tips the scales of justice infavour of the accused thus brining the judicial system into disrepute?

  • mauser 98
  • mauser 98
  • Jaedo Drax

    Hrmm, so in the business world, there is no expectation of privacy on computers that are owned by your employer, and that the employer owns all the data, but on a government computer, it’s “different”.