Canadians sour on immigration according to government survey

OTTAWA — When he announced the federal strategy of ramping up the number of immigrants to Canada over the next three years, Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen described it as what Canadians wanted and needed — especially with governments around the world closing their doors to immigrants and refugees.

It was a subtle jab at the policies of U.S. President Donald Trump, who has cracked down on immigration in the name of the “America First” sentiment that got him elected a year ago Tuesday.

But over the course of those 12 months, Canadian views on immigration appear to have shifted in that same direction, according to the survey the federal government carries out each year as part of its immigration planning process.

The Liberals are running a Ponzi scheme designed to provide themselves grateful ethnic voters and Big Business with cheap labour. You lose.

  • Liberal Progressive

    Our Liberal policies will continue regardless of what the ignorant masses think they want.

    Thank goodness we have the CBC and other media and the schools to reeducate to young to the right way of thinking.

    These newcomers will help put an end to the majority of the old stock Canadians and their illiberal ways.

    • jayme

      But booze and bacon – please leave those illiberal ways alone. Please!

    • Yo Mama

      Most muzzies are never grateful. The more they get the more they demand.

  • Dana Garcia

    Excessive immigration undermines the national culture and cohesion. Other than interesting ethnic restaurants, there’s no plus for the citizens.

    Only business interests looking for cheap labor benefit from millions of new residents will to work for less than market rates.

    • Liberal Progressive

      That’s racist to expect traumatized refugees from war zones to work!

  • PaulW

    It takes something like 4 years to see a urologist (or was that neurologist?) in Ontario. What will it be when hundreds of thousands more (including seniors who are family members of the immigrants) come into the province and Canada as a whole? One wonders how long these new immigrants will remain “grateful” toward the Liberals as government services like healthcare continue to be stressed and compromised under heavy immigration.

    • Frances

      Don’t worry – the newcomers will be sent to the head of the line while the native-born Canadians are euthanized.

      • PaulW

        Possibly, but then who will actually do the necessary work in order to fund healthcare and other government services, if the native population is replaced? The wonderful, efficient and hard-working societal newcomers? I think not. Eventually, the system will collapse to third world standards since our society will primarily be comprised of people who originated in third world.

        • David Murrell

          Paul, what you say is already happening in Sweden. Observers predict it’s economy will descend to that of a semi-industrialized economy.

        • Liberal Progressive

          The governments just borrow more money to pay for everything.

          After all budgets balance themselves!

        • Bataviawillem

          The work is like the budget it does it itself.

      • Canadian Born

        You are so right, immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers first and native born Canadians last. Isn’t Canada wonderful? Why are Canadians letting this happen? Oh right, because so many stupid uninformed voters believe and back, the moron running our once great country.

    • Not to mention the drain on the health system of the terrifying incidence of genetic abnormalities caused by inbreeding among Moslems. Very occasionally one can dig through the censorship and find quite frightening evidence of this in Britain, and doubtless elsewhere in Europe.

  • mauser 98
  • Linda1000

    And the pathetic excuses for his rich buddies keep coming. SuperBS PM says he’s totally satisfied with the denials of anything unethical in using offshore trusts.

  • Gary

    Who thought it was a good idea to make a 40 year old Somali the Immigration Minister as if there are NO Canadian born people that could do the job ….. he had already funnelled over $10 million to his homeland in the guise of aid .
    He also told the King Hearing members of Congress in DC that the Somali Jihadists crisis in canada is because the Government does not have a 100% employment plan for somali youth so they don’t become terrorists.

    Wow, in the 1960’s there were many youth that didn’t have summer jobs while in High school and not 1 became a terrorist that wanted to go back to their parents homeland to fight in a civil war.

    We not only are giving terrorists $10 million each but now we have to pay muslims to not commit crimes or join a terrorism groups?????
    The problem is the muslims and not another youth jobs programs .

    • Liberal Progressive

      What you say doesn’t even make sense because any Somaili immigrant who wants a good paying job with benefits will be given a government job right away by our government even if we have to create a new position for them.

    • Yo Mama


      It’s just that koranimals are MORE equal.

  • I think the name of the Immigration Minister tells us all we need to know. See Gary’s comment for more on this.

    • Alain


  • Mr. Meow

    Another avenue of “immigration” actually back door immigration is the TFW program. If people only knew how this program works there’d be rioting in the streets. Your analysis is spot on.