Canadian Gender and Good Governance Alliance established to advance gender diversity on boards and executive positions

“We must continue driving real change in Canada’s boardrooms, executive offices and workplaces in order to achieve gender balance. The only path forward is inclusion – where we leverage differences and work towards building a stronger, more dynamic corporate Canada. We need progressive and collaborative efforts like the Alliance to motivate collective action, advance progress for Canada’s talented women and strengthen our economic future,” says Victor Dodig, Chair of the 30% Club Canada and the Catalyst Canada Advisory Board.

What about race and religion?

  • Dave

    So does this mean canaduh is going to have an advocate for every different perversion or devient lifestyle? Hey, I don’t mind a little “kinky” to spice things up a bit, but…
    Me thinks this is getting a little(lots) crazy!

    • Lots O Crazy is the norm for our political class.

      • Jabberwokk

        Silly Catfur, this IS the new race and religion. State sponsored and enforced.

      • Exile1981

        Companies are signing onto the feds diversity mandate.

  • WildWelshWoman

    This kind of nonsense has to stop. It should be the best person for the job, not the person who scores the most check marks on the “gender diversity” score sheet!

    Once in an “executive” position, a freak of nature will only advocate for other freaks of nature, thereby shoving even more of their idiotic agenda down our throats!

    Honestly, sometimes I just want to scream…

  • Malcolm Y