A Canadian Muslim campaigner against extremism speaks out

A Canadian Muslim is facing an Islamic fatwa against his life.

Pakistani-born Tarek Fatah, Canadian author, columnist, broadcaster and Muslim, is an long-time outspoken critic of extremist interpretations of the Koran. Although Canadian, he also hosts a broadcast in India where he expresses his views on social situations and informed interpretations of the Koran. That has earned him a death sentence. He has also spoken out against the federal Liberal non-binding motion to condemn Islamophobia in Canada and “all forms of systemic racism and religious discrimination”. It also called on the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage to carry out a study on how racism and religious discrimination can be reduced and collect data on hate crimes.

  • simus1

    Vote whores like to deal with people they are comfortable with. Honest people usually do not make the cut.

  • The threat is against Tarek Fatah is real. I think one assassin has already been arrested in Pakistan. Maybe some of us are in the position to offer our homes as “safe houses” on a rotating basis if it helps.

    He’s Muslim and dared to write a book entitled: “The Jew Is Not Our Enemy”.