Significant increase in prisoners caught with radical Islamist books fueling concerns jails are becoming hotbeds of extremism

A significant increase in the number of prisoners caught in possession of radical Islamist books is fuelling concerns that jails are becoming hotbeds of extremism.

Since June last year, the Ministry of Justice has recorded 56 cases of extreme Islamist publications being confiscated.

In the seven months from June to December 2016, 12 books were identified as “containing extremist material” likely to present a threat to good order or national security.

  • Liberal Progressive

    But Islam is The Religion of Peace™!

  • simus1

    There must be some mistake. Wouldn’t anyone caught with such very dangerous contrabrand be subject to long stretches in solitary?

    • John Boy

      If that was Canada, Justin would award them $10,000,000!

  • The Buddhist Butterfly

    Islam should be banned inside prisons. Also outside prisons.

  • Hard Little Machine

    yuh think?

  • Blind Druid

    And swooping down from the planet No Shit Sherlock – here comes Captain Obvious!