Mother-of-five who used a fake Facebook profile to encourage terror attacks on the UK faces jail

A mother of five faces jail after posting a string of ISIS propaganda on a dedicated Facebook group called Power Strangers, a court heard.

Farhana Ahmed, 40, from north-west London, was a ‘prolific’ contributor to the group, whose name appeared to play on the popular American teenage superhero film Power Rangers.

The closed section, which had 1,406 members, described itself as a ‘pro-IS group, the purpose of it is to connect mawhideen brothers from different parts of the world and to help each other’.

  • Maurice Miner

    “A mother of five faces jail…”

    I am happy to bet my house that she DOESN’T get jail time of any description.

    Why? “A mother of five …”

    Why? “Farhana Ahmed, 40, from north-west London…”

    If she/they/zis were Canadian, she/they/zis could properly apply for Justine’s Lottery!

    The entire West is FUBAR.

  • John Boy

    Muslim family values!

  • Gary

    What about Linda Sarsour, she made a call to muslims in the USA to do jihad for allahs cause and then we saw the NYC jihad by a truck that killed 8 people.