Hollywood, ESPN and other debacles: Why can’t our ruling class do its job?

Our elites care more about what their peers think of them than about what they’re supposed to be doing. No wonder so many institutions are failing.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    They insulate themselves from the outside world and are shocked to find us calling them out of touch.

  • They are doing the job they believe in, and we caught them at it.

  • Oracle9

    An excellent interview with the great Thomas Sowell on Uncommon Knowledge nails the motivation of liberal elites – they will never check facts before forming policy since it’s all about power. 100%, no nuances here. They will not test facts.

    Key segment 26:10 to the end…


  • Hard Little Machine

    Everyone knows someone with more money than brains. This is that. And in the same way far leftism is a luxury afforded people who have the financial and social buffer to protect them from their own ideologies – when their whole milieu, their entertainment headspace – then they can afford to be cavalier. Why NOT raise taxes? Why NOT make gas $10/gal? Why NOT open the borders? Let them eat cake – there’s always more. Have you ever met a poor Marxist? No – because they don’t exist.

  • Bernie

    It is to the ruling class benefit to keep you in the dark while they benefit. Treat the masses as value producers but do not share with the masses. The more the Elites control, the more they benefit, the more they want etc. This has been going on since the dawn of time. The difference today, is the masses have some comforts and are not aware as to how they are manipulated by the Elites.