GOLDSTEIN: Where’s Trudeau’s campaign against offshore tax dodgers?

Of the many poses Justin Trudeau has adopted since becoming prime minister, his performance as the defender of “tax fairness” for the middle class has been the most laughable.

Until it blew up in their faces, Trudeau and Finance Minister Bill Morneau spent weeks portraying small business owners across Canada as corporate fatcats, whom they accused of unfairly taking advantage of tax laws to avoid paying their fair share of the income taxes decent, hard-working, middle-class Canadians pay.

  • marty_p

    Trudeau and Morneau believe the “Untermenschen” are here to pay taxes. While they the “Ubermenschen” are above it.
    It’s the mindset of the entitled – remember the famous “Cold Camembert and Broken Crackers senator?

    • Liberal Progressive

      When we Liberals do it, it is tax avoidance not tax evasion.

  • Waffle

    People who live in glass villas shouldn’t throw stones. The boomerang effect can be shattering!

  • Gary

    It’s so funny because Liberals are claiming all of these tax issues are legal which was what the same Liberals in the USA said when they were Democrat voters in the 1860’s and opposed ending slavery.
    It was once legal to deny women the right to vote…. the Supreme Court Judges enforced that law as they also did for slavery.
    Justin loved to campaign on the 21st Century Politics where we must upgrade …but not so fast when it’s Liberals screwing the public to hide their taxable income off shore like Paul Martin did .
    THEN Justin wants to keep things back in the 1960’s .

  • Clausewitz

    For once maybe Canada has something to learn from Saudi Arabia. Time to depose our Liberal Princes.

  • Maybe this business will end up causing Justin’s downfall. One can hope so, anyway.

    • taxpayer

      Nah, the CRA will announce they will go after these crooks, a whole bunch of money will be spent to fail miserably….’cause it was done legally or made to appear to be. End. Of. Argument.

      The CRA will announce: “Well, we triiiiiied.” Things will go back to normal. Bone Head the First gets re-elected.

      Just like Notley spouting off that Trans Mountain is good for Canaduh. Secretly she hopes it fails, then she can say “I triiiiiied” & run for re-election.

      • If Obama could get reelected, anything is possible.

    • Will Quest

      Just-in’s fart-catching media will jump once again to his rescue , publishing sappy selfies after sappy selfie , displaying his mug on the cover of some post-modern progressive publication with his cool-socks and his awesome man-spread ……… awing and cooing ……
      Ahhhhhhh isn’t he simply adorable …..don’t you just want to hug him, cup a feel & throw your panties at him …

  • Where is the campaign?

    Why, Mr. Goldstein, no one shoots the golden goose.