Federal Minister Says Indigenous Child Welfare Data Leading to Humanitarian Crisis

Jane Philpott – minister for Indigenous Services in Canada, believes that the disproportionate population of Indigenous children in the country’s child welfare system has led to “humanitarian crisis” in Canada.

  • Justin St.Denis

    Here we go again. I can virtually hear the truckloads of taxpayer dollars being delivered to reserves across Canada for their corrupt leaders to divvy-up among themselves.

  • ontario john

    As soon as you hear politicians talk about whiny indians, that is the time to run to the bank, get your money, and put it under the mattress. The lawyers must be drooling.

    • Gary

      It’s also the sign of the early run at the election to have a really good fabricated non-crisis or two as to build them up for 2019 as a priority
      to solve a non-crisis that gets them elected and is dropped for a new fake crisis.
      Just yesterday i talked to someone at the site for a new Condo tower. They mentioned about delays and Government rules at all 3 levels for which I assure them it was normal because back in the 1960’s it was Toronto Council that made promises about the TTC expansion and Gardiner highway pre-election while both the Province and Feds jump in to offer Billions pre-election but once in power they all point at each other for not delivering their money first.
      The GO station near me is close to a TTC Subway station. Back in 1984 one of the employees at the GO stop had told me that surveyors had come by to take measurement and core-samples because the GO service and TTC were going to build a tunnel from the station over to the Subway and link to a large Apartment tower .
      The GO station was murder to get to in the Winter from the Subway by heading to Bloor and then up to the station . The wind and rain was brutal.
      Now the Tunnel is back on the table 33 years later because of the Condo building bear the track to link both the Subway and GO/UP service.
      Watch for the Province and City screw this up and approve the Tunnel once the Condo is finished and will cost million$ more to dig down the make the tunnel while the current stage had the Piles going in and then going down 3 floor for parking and the power system hook-ups.

      i sure hope they don’t hit some human bones and find out it’s a 700 year old scared burial site for natives where the condo will be axed but the Feds will build a huge Native history centre that’s bigger than the Condo would be .

  • simus1

    Since DIA has always been a Lieberal bureaucrat fortress with a huge budget and horrible results (no matter which party is in power), perhaps the minister should stick to problem solving a bit closer to home.

    • Justin St.Denis

      When Justin Turdeau reversed the transparency arrangements that the former admin had put in place on reserve funding, it signalled to the criminal class that a return to business as usual was on offer. Ergo, the Libs take the “Indian vote” and get to virtue signal for the next four years. “Native leaders” get to line their pockets with MORE gold, buy plantations in Hawaii or other foreign real estate investments etc…..

      Meanwhile, the “native children” will bear the brunt of all this largesse and be made to suffer more than ever before at the hands of their native drunken drug-addicted parents and reserve councils.

      Business as usual. The Canadian Way.

  • mobuyus

    Maybe these children should get jobs or maybe mom and dad might like to get a job instead.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Perish the thought!

  • Cat-astrophe

    I know how to solve this!
    Lets bring in 1 million unemployable refugees, followed by their extended families.
    Then when the country collapses on our new ‘social infrastructure’ all children will live in poverty, thereby creating equality!
    “Progressive” politics MUST be stopped. The Liberals MUST be stopped.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    Natives want to run their own show…when they fail it’s our fault.

    • Editor

      “Natives want to run their own show…[WITH TAXPAYERS MONEY] when they fail it’s our fault.”

  • Gary

    Wait a minute…..back around August I saw a STAR report that Black children were in a crisis for poverty and that the CAS would target Black single moms to take their children away from the alleged child-abuse.
    But 3 years ago I heard an Imam claim that muslims suffer the highest rates for racism and poverty by the unemployment lever crisis that makes muslim children the largest per-capita for a victim of poverty for this crisis.
    Then about 6 years ago the NDP said that Refugee children have the highest rates for poverty and trauma by seeing the rampant domestic abuse cause by low income parents.

    If everyone is in poverty and abused with the highest rates for a children poverty
    crisis, then Nobody is in a high poverty and abuse life with the highest rate for abused children.
    gays used to have the highest unemployment and lowest incomes, then is was single moms and now it’s trans-people and taxi drivers.

  • Editor

    ” . . . Philpott believes it will only provide child welfare agencies to seize
    more children – the more children they have, the better funds they will

    So the Minister has pretty much just accused the Child Welfare authorities of seizing aboriginal children for the sole purpose of growing their budgets. Someone should ask these welfare administrators and workers what they think about that.

    • Clausewitz

      The Indian Act was enacted by the first Liberal PM, Alexander McKenzie. Just thought you might like to know.

  • Clausewitz

    I’m not responsible for the state of your children, just like I am not responsible for all the missing women. Maybe you should look in the mirror.

  • The Deplorable Rosenmops

    They keep going on about natives dying of drug overdose but, we are all bloody dying of drug overdose, from drugs being brought in from China, and the idiot judges let the drug pushers off without jail time.

    • Tooth&Claw

      Doesn’t matter what it is, sniffing gasoline, glue or propellants, alcohol, pills or injectables. Seems aboriginal Canadians disproportionately seek to alter their reality through substance abuse rather than changing their reality in other more productive ways…like get off the reserve and contribute to a larger society.

      • barryjr

        “seek to alter their reality through substance abuse rather than changing their reality in other more productive ways…like get off the reserve and contribute to a larger society.” Have you ever noticed the reserves with the greatest problems aren’t exactly within 20 minutes of any city or major highway. Maybe it’s time to go to where the jobs and opportunities are instead of wasting your children’s lives away with your “noble ambitions” of living where your ancestors eked out an existence.

  • Exile1981

    Part of the problem is welfare moms telling their daughters to get pregnant by 16 so they can get on the welfare gravy train.

    Second problem is the men not sticking around and helping raise their offspring.

    Third problem is corrupt reserve government. They want less jobs on the reserves because it means more welfare and more federal handouts they can skim.

    • Frances

      Although on-reserve jobs mean the worker doesn’t pay income tax.

      • Exile1981

        Yes but the band gets money from the feds for each person on welfare, beyond the money the recipient gets. they get nothing for someone who is employed.

  • Minicapt

    Residential schools worked the last time, let’s try them again.


    • Frances

      Talk to the Rev Margaret Waterchief – she attended such a school down Brocket way. Her comment – as I remember – was that it was not the school but alcohol that was the problem. She remembered her school experience fondly with the teachers encouraging her to continue her education) and said it was only when she took the school bus into the nearby town (?Cardston) that she experienced real racism.

      Granted, the schools had problems – some really more than others and there was abuse- but the reality no one is willing to face is that the new country of Canada was confronted with figuring out how to bring a stone-age culture (which is what the natives of the plains were) into a new and modernized world. We obviously didn’t succeed, but the current refusal to recognize the issue only amplifies the problem.