Don’t Forget Middle East Madness

Thanks to the Iran deal, the mullahs can buy nearly all the weapons they need.

There is currently a real Asian pivot as the president completes one of the longest presidential tours of Asia in memory.

Three carrier battle groups are in the West Pacific. America at home is in one of its periodic frenzies — did Ben Affleck grab the behinds of actresses, and is Kevin Spacey a pedophile or a pederast, or both? — as it snores through existential crises such as $20 trillion in debt, or the sale to the Russians of 20 percent of its quite limited domestic uranium reserves.

  • Ho Hum

    From the article: “Hezbollah, the Assad government, and Iran are waging a veritable proxy war against Saudi Arabia. Lebanon may soon become the Lebanon battleground of the 1970s and 1980s again.”

    I think it is true that Lebanon is about to become a battleground again. According to a leaked cable – Israel and Saudi Arabia are trying to provoke war there

    From Zero Hedge:
    “Explosive” Leaked Secret Israeli Cable Confirms Israeli-Saudi Coordination To Provoke War”

    “Thus, as things increasingly heat up in the Middle East, it appears the anti-Iran and anti-Shia alliance of convenience between the Saudis and Israelis appears to have placed Lebanon in the cross hairs of yet another looming Israeli-Hezbollah war.”

    So after attempting to destroy Syria – one of the few countries where Christians were able to live in peace – it appears Israel and Saudi Arabia are planning on destroying Lebanon – the only other country in the region where a sizable Christian population lives in peace and of course they will rope in the U.S. to do the dirty work.

  • Millie_Woods

    Oh great, another Arab war. I have a feeling Trump is in this up to his eyeballs. Tears will flow.