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‘It’s OK to be white’ signs put up at Concordia College in Moorhead

Concordia students said the whole “plan” goes against the diversity message at the school associated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Senior Micah Ferden said, “(I) was really shocked that someone had the guts to do this because we try to promote diversity so much and seeing this is saying ‘Hey, we still have students who aren’t fully invested in this diversity message.’ ”

It sounds to me like Ferden isn’t “fully invested in this diversity message.”

Sweden: Reading aloud from famous children’s books is now ‘racist’

Pippi Longstocking is the main character in some of the most famous Swedish children’s books. The books have been translated into 70 languages and made into television films and TV series as well.

The first Pippi Longstocking novels appeared in 1945 and the adventurous stories were never really seen as “problematic” until a white German feminist called them racist in 2011. Later, the controversy reared its ugly head in multicultural Sweden as well.

Michelle Obama to speak about equality for girls, women at Toronto event

Traill says young people from across Canada who want to attend will be able to apply through a site being set up by Plan International Canada.

“The one thing I really didn’t want to happen was to have a bunch of Bay Street corporate leaders only bringing their children,” Traill said. “I don’t think that that’s inclusive and I don’t think that that’s fully the conversation that we need to have.”

The Economic Club wants to ensure it’s inviting youth from across the country and from all backgrounds, she said, adding that it will not be a watered-down conversation.

Hundreds of GPs could be trained as transgender ‘champions’ to ensure specialist care is available across England

The move will see specialists in transgender treatment installed in surgeries across England, costing taxpayers hundreds of thousands of pounds, according to experts.

Documents seen by The Mail on Sunday reveal that GPs will be trained to advise other medics how best to treat and demonstrate ‘cultural sensitivity’ towards patients.

The NHS papers also reveal proposals to lower the age to 17 when teenagers are referred to adult clinics where they can have sex-change operations.

Refugee scholarship a 1st for University of Saskatchewan College of Law

“The scholarship goes some way to removing a barrier that might otherwise prevent this person from realizing their goal of attending law school,” Doug Surtees, the associate dean of academic at the U of S College of Law, said in a press release.

“Though many university students know only too well the financial burden of tuition and fees, this is a chance for us to help someone who, as a refugee to this country, faces significant cultural, financial, and educational roadblocks.”

  • simus1

    Economic Club of Canada and Plan International Canada.
    Obvious elite PR PC fronts?

  • tom_billesley

    Refugee scholarship a 1st
    Training lawyers who’ll probably make a career in delaying and blocking deportations is making a rod for your own back. Is Canada short of lawyers?

  • tom_billesley

    Michelle Obama to speak about equality for girls
    Because equality is the only goal, not a happy and fulfilling life.

    • Gary

      Right, this is the same women married to the man thought it was a good idea to invite RAP stars to the White House that sand to their Daughters about Bitches, Ho’s, niggers, capping a Cop , drugging up a women to rape her plus go for the Bling Bling Gold and fast cars.
      Then she had her Daughters around the BLM terrorists and Muslim Brotherhood supports that want sharia law to sanction beating a wife, killing gays, flogging women and also child-bride Pedophilia.

      Boko Haram was raping over 300 Black sisters girls 24/7 and then best could do was a sign #bringbackourgirls .

      Nice one Michelle……either you’re too stupid to see how it makes no sense to lecture in an majority White Christian based Nation about Girls Rights……..or you are so ashamed of your people and Barrak’s islamophilia that you’re choosing to distract the media and protect Blacks and Muslims by the White-Guilt to infer blame for the islamic and Black crisis.

      In 1989 . Montreal saw the barbaric face of islam and sharia when a muslims named Gamil Gharbi saw that Canada allowed women to get and Education for the engineering Fields that took jobs from men.
      So he enter his school that had the Classes for these female students and tracked them down to the Rooms he knew they would be in and did his Jihad for allah to execute 20 students by his rifle before turning it on him self to be with allah and muhammad in paradise.
      Gamil left a letter behind that praised allah and detailed why he did it . It was written using a hindsight for the Jihad plot fruition that killed 20 female students.
      But 6 survived and now the 14 have been hijacked for the rest of time by Feminists like Naomi Klein and Susan G Cole to feed their misandry to blame all males in Canada for what a muslim did and was inspired by the quran and sharia.
      So tell us Michelle , what’s your view on the 1989 Jihad slaughter and the 400% increase in Honour-killing while Trudeau now opened the doors to canada for pro-sharia muslims. Or maybe you might comment at the Dawah booth at Yonge and Dundas where muslims give out books to coach muslims men how to Beat Your Wife.

      The Obama’s are fraudsters because not only do they now have 4 Mansions , Barrak just got a $70 million plus book deal and vacation with the same filthy rich white people they use to bash for not paying the fair share of taxes.

      Leonardo DeCaprio was also on the massive yacht that eats diesel fuel at around 3 gallons per mile . All of the Elites and even Trudeau like to live in their World of no Global Warming crisis to jet around the earth and enjoy a huge Carbon Footprint in just 1 years where it would take me 100 lifetimes.
      Glad that the Elites are now being exposed for the Pedophilia and rapes where I expect many of canada Judges and NDP MP will fall too . Next is the gay community in canada because they went nuts over the legal age for sex by men over 19 was raise to 16 for those under 19 from the old 14 . For a group of people that keep screaming how pedophilia has NOTHING to do with homosexual men ……it doesn’t look to be upset that the 40+ year old Svend Robinson or Kyle Rae won’t be able to enjoy a clean 14 year old male child.

    • Clausewitz

      Michele Obama still has no clue about the difference between the equality of opportunity and the equality of outcome.

  • ontario john

    So little Super Socks is going to miss Remembrance Day. Well, why would he waste his time attending a service for dead white guys, when he can get great photo ops in communist Vietnam. After all, if he attended Remembrance Services he would be paying tribute to the Canadians fighting communists in Korea. But never fear, we will have our Defence Minister at the services telling the crowds how he was on the beaches of Normandy and defeated the Germans single handed. And of course our new GG, Attila the Hen will be the main official there. Maybe she will give everyone a lecture on how silly it is to have fought for God and country. One of my two uncles killed in the Second World War had plans to enter the ministry when he came back. What a disgrace that she is at the Remembrance Day services.

    • Linda1000

      I had a first cousin who died in the Korean War.

  • Blacksmith

    “‘Hey, we still have students who aren’t fully invested in this diversity message.’ ””

    So there it is in black and white, it is not about diversity at all, it is only about the oppression of whites. Because if it were about diversity it would be okay to be white, and brown and black etc.

    • simus1

      Kindergarten level marxists are the worst.

      • tom_billesley

        Whites are the new kulaks.

  • tom_billesley

    Currently there’s no proof that the Algerian man Djamel Ameziane suffered abuse during his time in [Gitmo] prison, but he plans to sue the Canadian government for $50 million anyway.
    His lawyer, Edmonton’s Nate Whitling, confirmed the statement of claim was filed Monday in Ontario Superior Court.

    • Tooth&Claw

      No proof. The suit should be kicked out.

      • Maggat

        Remember, the final judge will be IQ80 with a big cash settlement.

    • A Hamilton Guy

      His lawyer should be ashamed of himself, but then, again, he’s a lawyer. Greedy bastard.

  • Re: “Climate Barbie”

    Lord Monckton has a blockbuster new paper out on AGW. Plus a few words on Brexit and Catalunya independence.

  • Linda1000

    The screeching Canadian anti-gun fanatics are out in full swing this morning running a survey on Yahoo Canada news asking “Does the violence in the U.S. make you afraid to travel there?”
    Big rolling eyes.
    Any logical person in the U.S. and legal gun owners are grateful for their 2nd Amendment rights.
    The Lefty Democrat voters must be really pissed that the older guy who stopped the maniac Springfield shooter was an ex-NRA instructor with some version of an AR-15 rifle. The big bad gun that Shrillary or senator Fienstein doesn’t like.

  • Linda1000

    In other news in Justine Bonehead’s diverse Canada, DIPHTHERIA makes a comeback.

    Better make sure all your vaccines are up-to-date. Polio and tetanus require booster shots about every ten years. TB is also on the rise again but I don’t think there is a vaccine for it, just a test for pos/neg result.

    • Clausewitz

      The TB you are talking about is antibiotic resistant and has been rampant in Toronto for more than 15 years now. When I received my kidney transplant that was impressed upon us that we should avoid all new immigrants at all costs.

      • Reader

        My MP’s office was looking for volunteers to help refugees and was telling people to get TB shots first. Now they are suggesting meningitis shots too!

        So much for our “representatives” looking out for the interests of Canadians.

        Now the federal government is reviewing the medical criteria for immigrants and refugees because people are claiming it is discrimination to screen out people with communicable diseases or who would be a huge financial burden on our already overloaded medical system.

      • Linda1000

        I didn’t know there was shot for TB. I guess I’m going to spend a few hundred dollars and see what vaccines I need.
        The provincial health ministries should do a better job of informing the public about diseases re-occurring and vaccines.

    • Tooth&Claw

      An outbreak of 17 cases of multi-drug-resistant (MDR) tuberculosis (TB) has been reported in Ramsey County, the second most populous county in the Minneapolis-St. Paul

  • tom_billesley

    Knife crime in England.
    Dumb and dumber killers stabbed man who went to buy drugs.
    One of them tried to disguise himself by making himself look less black.
    Andre Joseph, 25, took extreme measures to try to avoid being arrested, using skin lightening cream and dying his hair bleach-blonde to try to distance himself from the fatal attack.
    Elijah Dornelly was fatally stabbed in Walthamstow High Street but still managed to run into a nearby cafe, with his intestines spilling out of his stomach, the Old Bailey was told.