You Say Free Speech, They Say White Nationalism

“…That this characterization of Jacobson’s position on free speech was a fabrication did not prevent President Bradley from acknowledging the “very real and legitimate” pain students were feeling and praising the “excellent and compassionate work” H2A was doing to help “develop safety teams” to protect students. Although I suppose Bradley could have behaved more disgracefully—she did not directly criticize Jacobson, urge students not to attend, or try to cancel the event—this reaction is disgraceful enough.

Other campus groups also chimed in. The Vassar Jewish Union, for example, offered its facilities to “all people of marginalized identities” as a refuge from the lecture, noting that the Union “condemns white supremacy, Christian hegemony, patriarchy, and all other systems of oppression. We believe that all of these systems are interconnected, and that solidarity across marginalized identities is necessary to overthrow them.”

This is Professor William Jacobson they’re talking about, he runs Legal Insurrection, is a staunch supporter of Israel, and as far as I know is not a card carrying member of the KKK nor a Nazi war criminal still on the run.

Here’s Professor Jacobson’s account of his speech at Vassar – “The students who smeared me got a safe space complete with coloring books and markers.”