More than 3,000 Canadian names in the Paradise Papers

A supermarket giant, an NHL hockey team, several billionaires and a yacht captain.

These are just a few of the roughly 3,300 Canadian companies, trusts, foundations and individuals whose names appear in the Paradise Papers, a leak of millions of records from offshore law firm Appleby and the corporate registries of 19 tax havens.

  • marty_p

    The Toronto Star and Crescent is orgasmic at the fact they can bash a couple of Jews especially one (Kolber) who wanted to “protect his assets from the CCRA when he moved to Israel”.

    NB: I am not defending what the 2 did – but rather how the Star has made the focus of the scandal be “Liberal insider” Jews and Israel.

    • David Murrell

      So has the anti-Semitic CBC News department. The CBC report heavily stresses the Jew angle to this.

      The Globe and Mail coverage is beyond weird. The faux national newspaper, in its main page:

      doesn’t even mention Stephen Bronfman and his Liberal cronies in his investment company, but just mentions “former Prime Ministers and Trump’s Wilbur Ross. One can imagine that the corrupt Globe is running defence for its Sock Boy Justin Trudeau.

      This story is going to be big. More reputable media, other than the Globe, will be publishing stories about Trudeau’s main fundraiser. The Liberals are in trouble, big time.

      • Linda1000

        I sure hope you are right that this story will mushroom if only to damage reputations and maybe some businesses owned elites. The lawyers will find a way to defend their rich clients from being charged with anything illegal though.

        • ntt1

          I’m afraid you’re right didn’t we see this before with martins shipping?

    • That is true but what is also true is that the Bronfmans made Trudeau possible.

      • Alain

        I agree and also that he has nothing to do with him being a Jew. Greedy globalists/leftists come in all flavours and their actions cannot and must not be excused or ignored due to the flavour.

        • Indeed.

          After all, Trudeau and Morneau are not Jewish and look how greedy they are.

      • ntt1

        and Guistra who is balls deep in uranium one.

  • ismiselemeas

    Why are tax havens always nice and sunny with palm trees?

    • PaulW

      Money trees grow better with lots of warmth and sunshine.

  • Gary

    Back when our Drama coach PM claimed her was outraged at the Panama Papers that has Tax Avoidance shelters used by Millionaire in Canada……I laughed and KNEW he wouldn’t dare go after Paul Martin’s family and the CSL’s millions or his Father’s Trust fund that Justin lives off .

    Liberals expect Hillary to win so Justin and her flood the nations with cheap labour and more Welfare cases by unemployable muslim “refugees” that will vote Democrat and Liberal 4-Life.
    John Tory made Toronto a Sanctuary City so illegals can get FREE Health care and Welfare . It was Olivia Chow and David Miller that wanted anyone inside Toronto with a valid Address to be able to Vote in Elections.
    The Leftists and Progressives didn’t expect the Working Family’s to rebel and Elect Rob Ford and Trump in the USA. Now the pot heads and parasites are taking to the street to riot and have even beat-up Women and Blacks from the zeal to fight the rampant racism and misogyny .

    Note all the white people that want to stay in power by throwing money at the ignorant peons they see to be exploited since Toronto is also a majority Non-white City and non-Canadian background.
    Toronto’s debt is screaming towards $7 billion while my area in the West end has a flood of Spanish speaking adult with children and used the USA as a stepping-step stone into canada.
    There is a catholic charity on Bloor that used to rescue Christians from Central America because of the oppressive rulers. But , after almost 20 years of waiting for refugees to get to Canada…..I saw how it now creates “refugees” from Mexico and Muslims from the middle east.
    Good luck finding ANY valid Catholic refugee at a Centre for catholic refugees ….there’s big bucks in the human trafficking business because smugglers know that Canada is a SUCKER-Nation where all they need to do is get the “refugee” to canada’s boarder or have a Fake ID to step on its soil for a refugee claims and Cash-4-Life.

  • ontario john

    Our elites love to keep wages low, put their friends like Super Socks in power, and bring in thousands of muslim parasites. And the tightly controlled media treats it like a minor thing. Oh well, I’m sure little Justin will have a good laugh over it on that tropical island with his muslim buddy this winter. You know, the muslim religious con man that gets millions of dollars from the government every year.