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Sweden’s Älmhult municipality Want to raise tax for Swedes – so that more immigrants can stay

Älmhult municipality has repeatedly said that one can not afford to let the single people stay.

But now the Social-Democratic City Council, Eva Ballovarre, has come up with a solution: raise the tax and then spend large amounts of money on immigrants.

Thank goodness that could never happen in Canada.

Immigration minister dismisses Trump security concerns over newcomers

Immigration, Citizenship, and Refugees Minister Ahmed Hussen is dismissing American-style security concerns over immigration, putting Canada’s new plan to bring in nearly a million newcomers over the next three years in stark contrast with the recent U.S. clampdown under Donald Trump.

Hussen called Canada a “world leader” in settling and integrating immigrants, and said despite security concerns raised by some — including Trump — it’s possible to increase immigration while mitigating potential security concerns.

“We don’t have to make a choice between the two. You can be rigorous in your screening for security, for health, for criminality. At the same time be ambitious in immigration,” said Hussen in an interview with Evan Solomon, host of CTV’s Question Period, championing Canada’s different direction as the right economic move.

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Liberals say we need more migrants to take Canadian jobs

Canada has already revealed plans of increasing the number of immigrants it’s going to allow in the country over the next three years.

However, the government, wary of the prevailing anti-immigrant sentiments across the nation, has decided to take the process forward at a gradual pace.

The integration of newcomers into the country remains one of the biggest concerns for the liberal government as of now. The new immigration plan for the next three years will increase immigration intake into the country by 13% to fill in the gap left by Canada’s aging population.

You see? They aren’t refugees. They’re your permanent replacements.

NYC Marathon requires sniper teams, record # of sand trucks, blocker vehicles – courtesy of Islam

Federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies are ramping up security for the TCS New York City Marathon that is set to go on as planned Sunday in the wake of the worst terrorist attack to hit the city since September 11, 2001.

Authorities are focusing on security after an ISIS-inspired terrorist drove a truck down a Manhattan bike path near the World Trade Center on Halloween, killing eight people and wounding more than a dozen others.

A record number of city sand trucks and New York Police Department blocker vehicles will be strategically lining roadways for the marathon, police Chief Carlos Gomez said Friday.

That’s what Somalian and Syrian refugees look like?

Toronto could welcome almost 170,000 immigrants over the next 3 years — are we ready?

Nearly one million immigrants will be coming to Canada over the next three years, and tens of thousands of them will wind up in Toronto — but is the city ready for an influx of newcomers?

On the heels of the Liberal government’s newly-announced strategy to boost immigration levels in the years ahead, Toronto immigration experts are raising questions about whether there is adequate support for the rising tide of economic migrants, family reunifications and refugees, in a city where both stable work and housing can be hard to find.