Are failed refugee claimants sticking around on taxpayers’ dime, or sent packing?

Josh Dehaas: Government should provide information on fate of failed asylum seekers

We all know where they end up…

  • Shouldn’t that say flailed?

  • Watchman

    “..the government won’t provide basic answers about what’s happened to failed asylum seekers. Their failure to provide this data leaves Canadians to fill in the blanks. That’s dangerous, because it could lead to irrational public demands to close the door.
    I’m happy to go with the rational demands to close the door, thank you very much. I’m quite sure there are enough rational reasons without having to delve into the irrational ones to justify closing the door right now.

    • Ho Hum

      That sentenced jump out at me also. Nothing “irrational” about wanting to close the door. There is nothing good about letting in third world migrants especially Somalian’s who are absolutely the scum of the earth – worthless human garbage!

    • Bataviawillem

      That sentence made my blood boil.
      The way the media manipulate people with this kind of language and suggestion is sickening.

  • JoKeR
  • Linda1000

    Close the door on our broken and failed immigration system now or yesterday. I have zero confidence or trust in the incompetent big red boot dictators in Ottawa who blatantly lie and just don’t give a shit about how Cdns might be affected with their insane whims. They can’t even be transparent enough to provide numbers or info on various categories for the immigration department.
    Why isn’t the Cons. opposition hammering Justine and his band of criminals on this issue during question period. Michelle Rempel is only one voice.

    • ntt1

      And she is great, This scheer guy is tepid at best , he comes across as Mr Rogers on a Quaalude binge

  • richard

    Look up the oath of office for our Prime Minister. No references to keeping the citizens safe, protecting our sovereignty, etc. Any bozo could uphold that oath, as this one seems to be doing.

  • bob e

    What gives lefties the authority to entirely change the culture of a country ??

    • A Hamilton Guy

      They think that they are the ones who walk on water.